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Alex Harvey & His Soul Band (1964)

Rare stuff  from JANCY 
Alex Harvey's Soul Band was the debut album by Alex Harvey And His Soul Band. It was originally released in 1964
Alex Harvey was a British journeyman rocker who enjoyed a brief period of widespread popularity in the mid-'70s after decades of struggle. Growing up in Scotland, he turned to music in his late teens and was in a skiffle band by 1955. By 1959, it had evolved into the Alex Harvey Big Soul Band. Harvey took the group to Hamburg, West Germany in the early '60s, there recording his first LP, Alex Harvey and His Soul Band, in the fall of 1963, which did not feature the band. He and his group made their London debut in February 1964, and the same year he recorded The Blues, which essentially was a solo record. In 1965, Harvey dissolved the Big Soul Band... Read More...
This the first original LP by Alex Harvey. Do not be confused with the german compilation released in 1999 under the same name, but with completely different tracks.
He would come to fame in the 1970s for offering eccentric, theatrical rock, but Alex Harvey came from an R&B background that was, like so many other groups from the British Isles, cultivated by long residences in Hamburg, Germany. This LP was apparently the first full-blown rock & roll album by a Scottish artist, and though it hardly stands up as one of the era's major statements, it's likable enough in its own way. Apparently the backing group on this recording -- made at a Hamburg club, or simulated to sound like a show -- doesn't feature the actual Soul Band, but musicians from the obscure Liverpool group Kingsize Taylor And The Dominoes. Anyway, the music is pretty standard British R&B, perhaps a bit more soul-oriented than most, including horns.
1 - Framed
2 - I Ain't Worrying Baby
3 - Backwater Blues
4 - Let The Good Times Roll
5 - Going Home
6 - I've Got My Mojo Working
7 - Teensville USA
8 - New Orleans
9 - Bo Diddley Is A Gun Slinger
10 - When I Grow Too Old To Rock
11 - Evil Hearted Man
12 - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
13 - The Blind Man
14 - Reeling ANd Rocking

5 years later (1969)
15 - Jumpin Jack Flash
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