Sunday, August 2, 2009

Davy Jones - Davy Jones (1971)

Davy Jones, but more known...
A singer, actor and jockey who became a teen idol in the '60s and '70s, David "Davy" Jones' chief claim to fame is his career as a Monkee and his vocal rendition of "Daydream Believer."

Jones was born in Manchester, England to a railway fitter and a homemaker. He was raised in a family of four, three sisters and himself. Jones developed an interest in entertaining at a young age with his first play, Tom Sawyer. It was not until after his mother's death in 1960 of emphysema that Jones lost his interest in school and left home to become a horse-racing jockey.

Basil Foster, the jockey Jones apprenticed with, recognized Jones' acting and singing ability, and encouraged him to pursue his acting career. ... Read More...
1 Road to Love\ Carmichael 2:29
2 How About Me? \Carrington 2:44
3 Singin' to the Music \Janssen 2:23
4 Rainy Jane \Greenfield, Sedaka 2:42
5 Look at Me\ Gates 2:26
6 Say It Again\ Simmons, Welch 2:38
7 I Really Love You \Gundry 2:54
8 Love Me for a Day \Rossine 3:00
9 Sitting in the Apple Tree \Trevor 2:24
10 Take My Love\ Marron, Newkirk, Reilich 3:46
11 Pretty Little Girl \Lloyd, Sklerov 2:43
12 Welcome to My Love\ Goldman 2:20
One year after the Monkees called it quits (for the first time), Davy Jones surfaced with his second solo outing (1965's pre-Monkees album David Jones was his debut). Jones has often said that he never viewed himself as a musician, but rather as an entertainer. This is evident with this album. Instead of trying to write a masterpiece, he relied on producer Jackie Mills to assemble a number of pop/rock songs and a tight band to go along with them. To that end, it is a success. The playing is more than adequate and this is a collection of pop songs. Jones has a pleasing voice, and the songs themselves are short enough so that none of them can become truly irritating. The music is very similar to the Monkees' 1970 album, Changes. Some of the songs are filler (such as "Take My Love"), while others are examples of great pop songs (such as the Top 40 single "Rainy Jane"). Jones did not set out to change the world with this album, but he did set out to put together a pleasing product. To that end, he succeeded. Monkees fans will love this album.
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