Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hіti ukraїns'koї estradi 60-h rokіv Ukraine\USSR

Ukrainian pop hits 60 years old. Golden Collection
This is not rock...
The title is irrefragable, isn't it? Everything is very simple. You might have known these songs for a long time - and then it will be pleasant to listen to them once more, to remember those times when they were first performed and were constantly performed. It was long ago, still it has been recently. You should know some of them, and that's why you have a general idea of them - still, it may turn out to be not enough. Certainly, in case if you like the things you have heard before, but still, all that is not so much important. It is not important because these songs are not just a mood, they are something more. They are a separate dimension, and here the point is not in the time as a constituent of nostalgia. Modern songs sound in a different way, and they not always have so much simplicity and openness of emotions. I mean not so much the lyrics of these songs as their music. You should admit that there is something specific in the compositions performed by this orchestra, which can't be replaced by any modern freaks. It is not without reason that there exists such tendency - to perform the orchestration of popular pop music. These two discs contain everything in pure form, without any mixture. May be that's why everything is sincere and warm. Well, the sounding of the groups of those times also had some unique tenderness, even naivety. Here I would like to add such objective thought: if you are able to feel the genuineness of warmth of such music, then you have made another step towards personal openness. It becomes lighter because of that.
Хіти української естради 60-х років
1.Cheremshyna (Dmytro Hnatjuk) 

2.Dva Kol'ory (Anatoliy Mokrenko) 

3.Kyjeve mij 

4.Chornobryvci (Kostjantyn Ohnjevyj) 

5.Pisnja pro rushnyk (Dmytro Hnatjuk) 

6.Divocha lirychna (zhinochyj vokal'nyj ansambl' horu Ukrajins'koho radio) 

7.Jaseny (Mykola Kondratjuk) 
8.Moja stezhyna (Olexandr Taranec') 

9.Kyjivs'kyj val's

10.Osin' (Dmytro Hnatjuk) 

11.Kohannja Moje (Diana Petrynenko) 

12.Til'ky v Kyjevi (Olexandr Taranec') 

13.Chervona trojanda (Tetjana Rusova) 

14.Na dolyni tuman (Mykola Kondratjuk) 

15.Zorjana nich (VIA "Mrija") 

16.Pisnja Romana, z k/f "Roman i Francheska" (Viktor Titkin) 

17.Marichka (ansambl' "Marichka") 

18.Ochi voloshkovi (Olexandr Skachko) 

19.Bilyj snih (Petro Retvyc'kyj ta Olexandr Taranec') 

20.Sonjashnyk (Anatoliy Mokrenko) 

21.Kohana (Kostjantyn Ohnjevyj)
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