Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jan & Dean - Popsicle (1966)

It's almost too easy to underestimate the importance of Jan & Dean in the history of rock & roll and its evolution into rock. The mere mention of their name today evokes images of suntanned California teens dancing and surfing on the beaches of Malibu. The ultimate good-time music act of the early '60s -- who only earned one gold record (for "Surf City") -- the duo get credit for inspiring lots of smiles and providing the soundtrack to countless parties, but few listeners, critics, or pop culture historians appreciate just how important they were musically during the first half of the 1960s, or how long it took them to achieve the level of craftsmanship that characterized their music as much as their high harmonies and catchy choruses. Even becoming "Jan & Dean" wasn't easy for this duo. ... Read More...
1. Popsicle 
2. The Restless Surfer 
3. She’s My Summer Girl 
4. Down at Malibu Beach 
5. Summer Means Fun 
6. Tennessee 
7. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown) 
8. A Surfer’s Dream 
9. Surf Route 101 
10. Surfin’ Wild 
11. Waimea Bay 
12. One-piece topless bathing suit
(2006/SUNDAZED) 12 tracks Assembled in the summer of '66 to coincide with 'Popsicle,' Jan & Dean's last great chart smash, the LP of the same name appeared mere months after Jan Berry's near-fatal car crash. The hybrid POPSICLE album is a magnificent confection all on its own, spotlighting the final meeting of the wit and studio savvy of Los Angeles' chart-topping dynamic duo, Jan Berry and Dean Torrence, with the teen-pulse-taking pop smarts of one of Tinseltown's most successful songwriting tandems, Phil Sloan and Steve Barri.
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