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The Hollies - 60' complete (1965 - 1966) Part 3

The Hollies - 60' complete part 3 1965 - 1966

unreleased / version
01 - So Lonely
02 - A Taste of Honey

03 - I'm Alive
04 - You Know He Did
05 - Look Through Any Window
06 - Honey And Wine
07 - If I Needed Someone

Lp Would You Believe
By now the group had fallen far behind the Beatles, stuffing their latest album with shockingly primitive covers. At least there are four good "Ransford" compositions: "Hard, Hard Year," which sounds like one of Lennon's contemporary down-tempo semi-acoustic ballads; the poppy "Oriental Sadness," with Nash singing the fine chorus; Nash's 3/4 acoustic solo spotlight "Fifi The Flea," an important marker in his artistic development; and the exciting "I've Got A Way Of My Own," complete with wailing harmonica and Dylan-meets-the-Fab-Four influences. They also have enough good taste to cover Stax-Volt (the danceable "Take What I Want"). But they stoop to disintering Chuck Berry ("Sweet Little Sixteen") and Buddy Holly ("Take Your Time"), and they put an anachronistic rock 'n' roll stamp on newer material (6/8 "That's How Strong My Love Is," already a hit for the In Crowd in 1965; Hank Ballad's sappy "Don't You Even Care? (What's Gonna Happen To Me)"). The biggest embarassment, though, is a gratuitous, fairly literal take on Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" (Lonnie Donegan's old skiffle hit "Stewball" also sounds here like an early-period S & G folk song). The record does have some real saving graces: "I've Got A Way Of My Own" and their brilliantly arranged, 12-string fortified, memorable hit single "I Can't Let Go" (by Taylor and Gorgoni) - it sports one of their most thrilling harmony lines. Still, though, this seems like a joke compared to Rubber Soul or Revolver. Although someone had finally figured out that including a hit single was a good idea, the record omits the contemporary "Bus Stop" (by Graham Gouldman), one of their best recordings ever and their first U.S. single to hit the Top 10.

08 - I Take What I Want
09 - Hard Hard Year
10 - That's How Strong My Love Is
11 - Sweet Little Sixteen
12 - Oriental Sadness
13 - I Am A Rock
14 - Take Your Time
15 - Don't You Even Care
16 - Fifi The Flea
17 - Stewball
18 - I've Got A Way Of My Own
19 - I Can't let Go

unreleased / version
20 - Look Through Any Window
21 - Look Through Any Window

22 - Non Prego Per Me
23 - Devi Avere Fiducia In Me
24 - Kill Me Quick
25 - We're Alive
26 - After The Fox

27 - A Taste Of Honey

28 - Running Through The Night
29 - Bus Stop
30 - Don't Run And Hide
31 - Like Everytime Before
32 - Stop Stop Stop
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