Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Honeycombs - All System Go (1965)

Despite downwardly spiraling commercial fortunes, the Honeycombs recorded a second album in 1965 that featured as many intriguing production flourishes and oddball British pop songs as their first effort. No hits were included on this LP -- and be warned that the version of their minor hit single "I Can't Stop" (probably their best song) featured here is an inferior, drastically slower remake. This album also includes a mighty obscure ballad by Ray Davies, "Emptiness," that was never recorded by the Kinks (or any other artist but the Honeycombs, for that matter). It's not much of a song, but it's a find for Kinks fanatics. The record's highlights are the sparkling guitars of "Love in Tokyo" and the soulful ballad "Something I Got to Tell You" (featuring drummer Honey Lantree on vocals), which sounds like an honest-to-god hit-that-never-was. ~
01 - I Can't Stop
02 - Don't Love Her No More
03 - All System Go
04 - Totem Pole
05 - Emptiness
06 - Ooee Train
07 - She Ain't Coming Back
08 - Something I Got To Tell You
09 - Our Day Will Come
10 - Nobody But Me
11 - There's Always Me
12 - Love In Tokyo
13 - If I Should
14 - My Prayer
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