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The Rutles- The Rutles (1978)

Originally broadcast on network TV in 1978, ex-Monty Python member Eric Idle's satire of the Beatles' legend was one of the very few successful rock parodies; only Spinal Tap, perhaps, has outdone it. One of the key elements of this mock rockumentary was the brilliantly executed soundtrack by Python associate and ex-Bonzo Dog Band member Neil Innes (he also played the character loosely based upon John Lennon in the film itself). As an actual peer of the group in the '60s (the Bonzos even appeared in the Magical Mystery Tour film), Innes was well-qualified to satirize the Fab Four in song. With the exception of Idle, each of the four Rutles played their own instruments on the recording in addition to acting in the film. To complete the gag, the Rutles reconvened in 1996 to record a second album, Archeology, to coincide with the Beatles' Anthology projects. Masquerading as archival material, most of Archeology was in fact newly recorded in the mid-'90s, and was as witty and well-executed as the soundtrack to their TV special nearly 20 years ago.
The Rutles - The Rutles (soundtrack from All you need is cash)1978
Реакция самих «Битлз» на фильм вполне известна. Джордж Харрисон помогал проекту, чем мог, и даже снялся в небольшой роли в фильме. Ринго Старру понравилась часть фильма о ранних днях группы, и не понравились часть, пародирующая кризис Битлз в конце 60-х. Джон Леннон был настолько в восторге от фильма, что оставил себе на память и запись фильма, и саундтрек, которые ему прислали на утверждение. Пол МакКартни воспринял фильм отрицательно, в особенности же, как Эрик Айдл сыграл его «альтер эго» Дирка МакКвикли. Правда, потом, узнав, что Айдл — сам из Ливерпуля, простил.
Pop culture, comedic satire, and rock music have always made for strange bedfellows. With all due respect to the collective genius involved in the Spinal Tap saga, it is safe to say no other artists have been able to repeat or re-create the delicate balance exhibited in the Rutles' multimedia parody. This venture included a made-for-television mockumentary titled All You Need Is Cash. On this 1990 CD release, the contents of the original 1978 soundtrack -- which incidentally bore the same name as the show -- are included, as are an additional half-dozen recordings made for the film, but ultimately became victims of the time limitations inherent in the vinyl medium. The Rutles began with Monty Python's Flying Circus member Eric Idle. His initial flash on the concept was as a short-lived BBC series, titled Rutland Weekend Television. Joining Idle on a regular basis was former Bonzo Dog Band member Neil Innes -- whose seemingly innate musical abilities would also adorn latter-era Monty Python performances. According to Idle, "His [Innes] contributions [to the program] were Beatley," thus inspiring the concept of a full-blown Beatles spoof. After previewing a demo reel to Lorne Michaels -- producer of Saturday Night Live -- Idle was convinced to develop the idea for NBC TV. The Rutles are: Ron Nasty, who is played by Innes (guitar/keyboards/vocals) and is the John Lennon character; Barry Wom (aka Barrington Womble) is portrayed by John Halsey (percussion/vocals), who presents a dead-on caricature of the deadpan Ringo Starr; Stig O' Hara is depicted by Rikki Fataar (guitar/bass/vocals/sitar/tabla), who flawlessly emulates George Harrison; and Idle -- the only non-musician -- who spoofs Paul McCartney as Dirk McQuickly. The soundtrack takes on a whole other existence as each and every composition is deeply and sincerely ingrained in the Beatles' music. Because of the practically sacred nature Beatles music shares in almost every life it graces, Innes penned and produced spoofs that were so eerily similar in structure they could easily be mistaken for previously unearthed tracks from the real fab four. There are obvious put-ons such as "Ouch!" and "Help!" or "Doubleback Alley" and "Penny Lane." However, the real beauty inherent in many of these tunes comes via the subtle innuendos. These ultimately involve multiple listenings in order to locate the origins of a particular guitar riff, vocal inflection, or possible lyrical spoof. ... Read more ...
01. Goose-Step Mama.
02. Number One.
03. Baby Let Me Be.
04. Hold My Hand.
05. Blue Suede Schubert.
06. I Must Be In Love.
07. With A Girl Like You.
08. Between Us.
09. Living In Hope.
10. Ouch!.
11. It's Looking Good.
12. Doubleback Alley.
13. Good Times Roll.
14. Nevertheless.
15. Love Life
16. Piggy In The Middle.
17. Another Day.
18. Cheese And Onions.
19. Get Up And Go.
20. Let's Be Natural.
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