Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Searchers - Swedish Radio Sessoins

The first Swedish show was probably recorded in March 1964, just before their first visit to America (April) and the sessions for their third album (late March/earlyApril).This is reinforced by the fact that the audience seems very familiar with 'Needles And Pins' (which had been released in January). (…)
The Searchers were on a roll when they hit Sweden in March 1964. 'Needles And Pins' had just been a hit in the UK. It was their second number one after 1963's 'Sweets For My Sweet'. Yet this was a slightly different Searchers to the 1963 model. Mike Pender, rather than Tony Jackson, had sung the lead on 'Needles And Pins', a move which would lead to Jackson's departure in July. But in Sweden, the band sounds amazingly fresh and very confident - with no hint of the rift to come. Their version of 'Money' might sound slightly subdued, but when Mike Render's guitar solo kicks in, the whole performance lifts
off. His piercing and energetic solos on 'Ain't That Just Like Me' and 'Some Other Guy' put their studio counterparts in the shade.

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1. Farmer John 2.13 (Harris, Terry)
2. Money (That's What I Want) 2.54 (Bradford, Gordy)
3. Sweets For My Sweet 2.27 Pomus, Shuman)
4. Ain't That Just Like Me 2.13 (Carroll, Guy)
5. Let The Four Winds Blow 2.36 (Domino, Bartholomew)
6. Ain’t Gonna Kiss Ya 2.13 (Smith)
7. Some Other Guy 2.76 (Barren, Leiber, Stoller)
8. Alright 2.72 (Ross, Vanadore)
9. Needles And Pins 2.14 (Bono, Nitzsche)
10. What'd I Say 4.13 (Charles)


11. Red Sails In The Sunset 1.34 (Williams, Kennedy)
12. Memphis Tennessee 2.09 (Berry)
13. Needles And Pins 2.77 (Bono, Nitzsche)
14. Hi-Heel Sneakers 2.40 (Higginbotham)
15. What Have They Done To The Rain? 2.46 (Reynolds)
16. Glad All Over 1.58 (Schroeder, Tepper, Bennett)
17. Let The Four Winds Blow 1.44
18. When You Walk In The Room 3.10
19. What'd I Say 3.22


20. Have You Ever Loved Somebody 2.34? Mike and Frank
21. Take Me For What I'm Worth 2.44 Mike plus Frank & John
22. Western Union 2.35Mike
23. When You Walk In The Room 2.37 Mike with Frank
24. Needles And Pins 2.11Mike with Frank
25. See See Rider / Jenny Take A Ride (Medley) 2.47 Mike and Frank


from private tape collection
Session three May 1967
26 - Love Potion No. 9
27 - Take It Or Leave It
28 - I'm Ready
29 - What Have They Done To The Rain

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