Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fleur De Lis - Facing Morning (1972) Denmark

— Leif Nielsen / guitar, vocals, clavinet
— Bjarne Pedersen / guitars
— Peder Pedersen / bass, acoustic guitar
— Svend Thomsen / organ
— Kaj Olesen / drums
Спасибо Алёна и К°
"Fleur de Lis" is a stoned progressive rock curiosity from Denmark. They delivered their unique album in 1972, largely made of fuzzed out improvised guitars, vintage organs and stressed pop vocals. "Home of mind" starts with a dreamy like prelude, carries on a colourful, amazing psych song, a good mention to the guitar breaks at the end. "Har I set" is a spacious, mysterious song for organs, voices, an almost kraut-sounding, darkness experience. "Facing Morning" is a melodic folk ballad with hippie accents and female vocals. "In love" is a fuzzy rock 'n roll trip with lot of Hammond organs and epic guitars. "Why" is a moody, melancholic ballad written in a rather pop style. "Bad loser" is an other melodic, sad rocking "trip", full of dreamy like organs. "Sympathetic attitude" is a normative beat rock song. "Wbn" is a melodic folk dreaminess, including gorgeously expressive guitars. A few conventions and many absorbing, moody songs with delicate melodies. Absolutely recommended for fans of (light) krautrock and prog related bands as Vanilla Fudge..."
1. Home Of Minds (Leif Nielsen) - 8:07
2. Har I Set? (Kaj Olesen, Leif Nielsen) - 5:16
3. Facing Morning (Leif Nielsen) - 2:25
4. In Love (Leif Nielsen) - 2:27
5. Why (Svend Thomsen) - 3:46
6. Bad Loser (Leif Nielsen) - 3:38
7. Sympathetic Attitude (Svend Thomsen, Leif Nielsen) - 5:50
8. Sneen (Leif Nielsen) - 1:03
9. East Hill Rag (Fleur de Lis) - 1:23
10. Settlement (Bjarne Pedersen, Leif Nielsen) - 1:59
11. After The Settlement (Bjarne Pedersen, Leif Nielsen) - 5:30
12. Gensyn 1 (Svend Thomsen, Leif Nielsen) - 3:37
13. Gensin 111 (Svend Thomsen, Leif Nielsen) - 4:25
14. WBN (Svend Thomsen, Pede
Danish band Fleur De Lis put out this interesting piece of psychedelia in 1971, a mega-rare, privately pressed album, lovingly re- issued by the wonderful vinyl specialists 'Amber Soundroom' (with a shuffled track-listing, to one's chagrin), hopefully to reach a wider audience and give this largely uknown group some well earned significance. 
The music is more 'psych' than 'space' and can be compared to Hawkwind's debut, with hints of early Krautrock, maybe even West- Coast acid-rock (Moby Grape comes to mind for some reason). Songs are sung in both English and Danish, and the main features are fuzzy guitars and clean tone organ, with the vocals quite up-front in the mix. The overall mood is up-tempo, but some tracks are quite sombre - 'Har I Set ?' is just beautiful. Listen to it late at night with the lights out ! Some of the songs show great potential, like Gensyn I and Gensyn III (two tracks not listed here, and there's no Gensyn II...), displaying ever growing confidence and stronger prog tendencies. All in all, quite an album that's worth the effort. 

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