Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gun - Gunsight (1969)


Paul Gurvitz [aka Paul Curtis] (guitar, bass, vocals)
Adrian Gurvitz [aka Adrian Curtis] (guitar, vocals)
Louis Farrell (drums)
‘Gunsight’ followed the successful self-titled debut and featured compositions by Adrian’s bass playing brother Paul Curtis. Gun’s musical direction was as adventurous as on ‘Gun’ and paved the way for the brothers’ next group Baker Gurvitz Army. The Curtis brothers began using their birthname Gurvitz not long after the demise of Gun, and went on to record 3 albums as the Three Man Army and later an additional 3 lps with former Cream drummer Ginger Baker, as the Baker Gurvitz Army. Here is the band they had before THREE MAN ARMY called GUN.
Rumour has it that GUN was one of Jimi Hendrix's favorite bands at the time. Or so the vendor at the Toronto Record Show told me, when he sold me this wax. Here's GUN's second effort - Gunsight with some tasty fuzz guitar ala Cream.

01. Head In The Clouds
02. Drown Yourself In The River
03. Angeline
04. Dreams And Screams
05. Situation Vacant
06. Hobo
07. Lady Link (Part 1)
08. Oh Lady You
09. Lady Link (Part 2)
10. Long Hair Wildman
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