Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marmalade - The Definitive collection (2cd)

Marmalade is one of those groups that just seems to endure. They are best remembered today for one record, their cover of the Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," although they charted number one records and even Top Ten American singles into the 1970s. The group, especially as constituted up through the early '70s, had many sides, including white soul, harmony dominated pop/rock, and progressive pop, all very much like the Beatles in their middle years. However, it was their cover of a Beatles song, oddly enough, that weighed down their reputation. 

In point of fact, they did somewhat resemble the Beatles musically, having started out as a band of teenagers eager to play hard rock & roll; like the Beatles... Read More...
CD 1
01.Reflections of My Life 
03.I See the Rain 
04.Lovin' Things 
05.Stay With Me Baby 
06.Baby Make It Soon 
07.Hey Joe 
08.Cousin Norman 
09.Empty Bottles 
11.Can You Help Me 
12.My Little One 
13.Ballad Of Cherry Flavar 
14.Wait for Me Mary-Ann 
15.I Shall Be Released 
16.Ob La Di Ob La Da 
18.Piece of My Heart 
19.Super Clean Jean 
20.Is Your Life Your Own 

CD 2 

01.Lovin' Things 
02.I Shall Be Released 
03.I See The Rain 
04.Hey Joe 
05.Summer In The City 
06.There Ain't No Use In Hanging On 
07.Piece Of My Heart 
08.Wait For Me Mary-Anne 
09.Mr. Tambourine Man 
11.Mr. Lion 
12.Station On Third Avenue 
13.Mess Around 
14.Man In A Shop
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