Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One In A Million - Double Sight (1967)

Featuring the precocious talents of 14-years-old guitarist Jimmy McCulloch, Scottish band One In A Million's genre-defining December 1967 single Fredereek Hernando/Double Sight is widely acknowledged as one of the rarest and best British psychedelic singles of the era. Naturally enough, that double-sided classic is included on this complete anthology of the group's recordings, which also includes both sides of their highly regarded mod pop debut single from January 1967 as well as no less than seven previously unreleased, unknown-to-exist, Who-influenced demo recordings from the same period. With a number of hitherto unpublished photographs, comprehensive liner notes and numerous quotes from lead singer and chief songwriter Alan Young, Double Sight is the final word on one of the most intriguing and obscure groups to emerge from the British psychedelic scene.
01. Double Sight 
02. Fredereek Hernando 
03. No Smokes* 
04. Man In Yellow* 
05. The Trial Of Elmer Fudd* 
06. Goin' Places* 
07. Something On Your Mind* 
08. We Don't Want Nobody Around* 
09. Lament In `A' 
10. Hold On 
11. Use Your Imagination
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