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Strangers Family Band E​.​P. (2009)

I nothing earlier about this don't know.... But - 

"...Like what you do a great deal, have found some great bands from your links. Love the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Wanted to submit our band Strangers Family Band for possible link up on your site. We've gotten comparisons like this so far "If the Doors & Kennelmus had a baby, the Strangers Family Band is their love child!" - Valis, Trip Inside this House.

Here is a link to our E.P., free download, if you are interested. Thank you!" - Strangers Family Band\Al Crowley

THANKS I'M  Delight...

1. Girl I've Been Taken 04:23  
 2. Wooden Hands 03:55
 3. No One Sees Her 04:28  
 4. Strange Transmission 07:03  
5. Tangerine 01:58
 6. Beware The Autumn People 04:43  

Strangers Family Band E.P. (self-release)
released 22 June 2009
Strangers Family Band is: Ates Isildak, Rick Seltzer, Scott Seltzer, Juan Londono, Kevin Williams

additional musicians:
Nate Banzhof- Trumpet
Mike Cardone- Trombone
Chris McCallister- French Horn
Isaac Pineda- Piano
Jon Prestage- Saxophone
Michael Wheaton- Theremin
Don May- Additional Keys
Justin Bowen- Accordion

songs recorded 2009 by Ates Isildak at the LoFi House
*except 'Beware The Autumn People', recorded live.
copyright 2009, Strangers Family Band


V.A. - Original Beat aus England Folge 16


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V.A. - Original Beat aus England Folge 15


VA - Jukebox Hits of 1955-1965 Part 7 (1962)



1. The Sensations — Let Me in [03:06]
2. The Everly Brothers — Crying in the Rain [02:01]
3. The Marcels — My Melancholy Baby [02:29]
4. Dion — The Majestic [02:43]
5. Connie Francis — Don't Break the Heart That Loves You [03:04]
6. The Beach Boys — Surfin' [02:12]
7. Paul Anka — Love Me Warm and Tender Dear [02:20]
8. Roy Orbison — Dream Baby [02:35]
9. Clyde McPhatter — Lover Please [01:54]
10. Ricky Nelson — Young World [02:26]
11. B. Bumble and The Stingers — Nut Rocker [02:01]
12. Brian Hyland — Ginny Come Lately [02:49]
13. Neil Sedaka — King of Clowns [02:45]
14. Johnny Horton — Honky Tonk Man [02:13]
15. Perry Como — Catarina [02:09]
16. Jimmy Dean — P.T.109 [03:09]
17. Gene Pitney — The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [02:58]
18. Connie Stevens — Why'd You Wanna Make Me Cry [02:09]
19. Joanie Sommers — Johnny Get Angry [02:33]
20. Johnny Tillotson — It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin' [02:55]
21. Pat Boone — Speedy Gonzales [02:32]
22. Eddie Hodges — (Girls Girls Girls) Made to Love [02:25]
23. Duane Eddy — The Ballad of Paladin [01:56]
24. Bobby Darin — Things [02:35]
25. Marty Robbins — Devil Woman [02:53]
26. Tommy Roe — Sheila [02:02]
27. Nat "King" Cole — Ramblin' Rose [02:49]
28. Dickey Lee — Patches [03:00]
29. The Four Seasons — Sherry [02:34]
30. Tony Bennett — I Left My Heart in San Francisco [02:51]

Total time: 01:16:08


1. Linda Scott — Yessiree [02:27]
2. Freddy Cannon — Palisades Park [01:54]
3. Sandra Lee — When I Fall in Love [03:06]
4. Michael Landon — Gimme a Little Kiss [02:10]
5. Bruce Channel — Hey Baby [02:27]
6. Brian Hyland — Sealed with a Kiss [02:43]
7. Little Jo Ann — My Daddy Is President [01:52]
8. Shelley Fabares — Johnny Angel [02:11]
9. Dickey Lee — I Saw Linda Yesterday [02:05]
10. Jimmy Clanton — Venus in Blue Jeans [02:25]
11. Brenda Lee — All Alone Am I [02:47]
12. Johnny Burnette — Clown Shoes [02:31]
13. Eddie Hodges — Bandit of My Dreams [02:04]
14. Carole King — It Might as Well Rain Until September [02:27]
15. Marcie Blane — Bobby's Girl [02:19]
16. Nat "King" Cole — Skip to My Lou [02:04]
17. Ned Miller — From a Jack to a King [02:17]
18. Paul Anka — A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine [02:13]
19. Connie Francis — Second Hand Love [02:54]
20. Ernie Maresca — Shout! Shout! [02:14]
21. Richard Chamberlain — Theme from Dr. Kildare [02:40]
22. Dave "Baby" Cortez — Rinky Dink [02:55]
23. Roy Orbison — The Crowd [02:22]
24. Gene Chandler — Duke of Earl [02:26]
25. Frank Ifield — I Remember You [02:08]
26. David Rose — The Stripper [01:58]
27. Cathy Carroll — Poor Little Puppet [02:33]
28. Dion — Lovers Who Wander [02:32]
29. The Beach Boys — Surfin' Safari [02:06]

Total time: 01:08:50



1. Chris Montez — Let's Dance [02:28]
2. Johnny Crawford — Cindy's Birthday [02:09]
3. Claudine Clark — Party Lights [02:26]
4. Frankie Avalon — You Are Mine [03:09]
5. Buddy Holly — Door to My Heart [02:24]
6. Johnny Tillotson — Send Me the Pillow [02:24]
7. The Isley Brothers — Twist and Shout [02:33]
8. Duane Eddy — Dance with the Guitar Man [02:39]
9. Jerry Wallace — Shutters and Boards [02:47]
10. Bill Black's Combo — Twist Her [02:07]
11. The Lively Ones — Misirlou [02:37]
12. Connie Francis — Gonna Git That Man [03:02]
13. Little Eva — The Locomotion [02:27]
14. Les Cooper — Wiggle Wobble [02:10]
15. Kris Jensen — Let's Sit Down [02:25]
16. Neil Sedaka — Breaking Up Is Hard to Do [02:24]
17. Jack Scott — Cry Cry Cry [02:48]
18. The Tornados — Telstar [03:17]
19. The Everly Brothers — That's Old Fashioned [02:24]
20. Roy Orbison — Leah [02:42]
21. Del Shannon — Little Town Flirt [02:52]
22. The Crystals — He's a Rebel [02:30]
23. Jerry Lee Lewis — Bonnie B [02:22]
24. Fats Domino — Dance with Mr. Domino [01:54]
25. Michael Landon — Be Patient with Me [02:18]
26. Ray Charles — I Can't Stop Loving You [04:15]
27. The Drifters — Up on the Roof [02:36]
28. Bobby Rydell — The Cha Cha Cha [02:37]
29. Bobby Vee — Someday [02:10]

Total time: 01:14:56



1. The Beach Boys — 409 [02:01]
2. The Shirelles — Soldier Boy [02:43]
3. Gene Pitney — Only Love Can Break a Heart [02:54]
4. Johnny Mathis — Gina [02:52]
5. Paul Peterson — My Dad [02:26]
6. Ricky Nelson — Today's Teardrops [02:09]
7. Dean Martin — Cha Cha Cha D'Amour [02:21]
8. Clyde McPhatter — Little Bitty Pretty One [02:14]
9. Connie Francis — Pretty Little Baby [02:22]
10. Chubby Checker — Let's Twist Again [02:20]
11. Eddie Cochran — Blue Suede Shoes [01:55]
12. Dionne Warwick — Don't Make Me Over [02:49]
13. Bobby Vinton — Rain Rain Go Away [02:59]
14. Neil Sedaka — As Long as I Live [02:14]
15. Del Shannon — The Swiss Maid [02:11]
16. Brenda Lee — Break It to Me Gently [02:40]
17. Bob Luman — The Fool [02:43]
18. Fats Domino — South of the Border [02:42]
19. The Drifters — When My Little Girl Is Smiling [02:36]
20. The Dovels — Bristol Twistin' Annie [02:19]
21. The Champs — Limbo Rock [02:07]
22. Johnny Burnette — Moody River [02:34]
23. Brook Benton — Hotel Happiness [02:44]
24. Jerry Butler — Make It Easy on Yourself [02:52]
25. Linda Scott — Never in a Million Years [02:26]
26. The String-A-Longs — My Blue Heaven [02:22]
27. Connie Stevens — Jambalaya [02:01]
28. Conway Twitty — Walk On by [02:26]
29. Johnny Rivers — Blue Skies [02:18]
30. Marty Robbins — Ruby Ann [02:03]


The Beathovens - Happy To Be Happy (1965) Germany

 01. a message to you
02. another day
03. happy, to be happy
04. i send a letter
05. little darling
06. mistrodden
07. na na na
08. paradise
09. sometimes
10. sweet music
11. the blow-up machine
12. then i need only you

Excuse me me for disinformation....
the Beathovens ain't from Sweden but from Germany


little don't coincide sequence tracks
but it is not scary...I think 

The Wailers The Boys from Tacoma-Anthology (1961-1969)

Группа была основана в августе 1958 г. гитаристом и басистом, будущим лидером коллектива Джоном Гриком (англ. John Greek). Пять синглов и один альбом, выпущенные в 1959—1960 гг., сделали The Wailers популярными артистами местной сцены. Их музыка была основана на рок-н-ролле и сёрф-роке, помимо стандартного состава в группе важную роль играли саксофон и орган. В конечном итоге они одними из первых стали играть напористую, грязную, утяжелённую, нарочито «любительскую» форму рок-н-ролла, из-за которой их (в частности, благодаря синглу «Dirty Robber») считают одной из первых гаражных групп, оказавших немалое влияние на последующее развитие стиля в 60-х гг. В середине-конце 60-х группа испытала влияние фолк-рока и психоделического рока (что заметно, например, по синглу «Hang Up» 1965 г.).

В 1961 г. The Wailers записали кавер-версию рок-н-ролла Ричарда Берри 1955 г. «Louie Louie», вдохновив на запись этой забытой песни других музыкантов; благодаря записанной в 1963 г. кавер-версии The Kingsmen песня стала необычайно популярной у гаражных групп и стала в итоге одной из наиболее часто исполняемых песен в рок-музыке.

В 1965 г. The Wailers участвовали в записи дебютного альбома «Here Are The Sonics» группы The Sonics — одной из самых значительных групп гаражного рока. На альбоме была записана кавер-версия «Dirty Robber». Ранее The Wailers помогли The Sonics подписать контракт с лейблом Etiquette, на котором в 1965 г. вышел их совместный сингл «Don’t Believe In Christmas / Christmas Spirit». В 1998 г. был выпущен сингл двумя с версиями «Louie Louie», записанными The Sonics и The Wailers.

Гитарист The Wailers Нил Андерсон сейчас играет в джаз-группе Pearl Django.


 Оригинальный состав (с августа 1958 г.)

  • Джон Грик (англ. John Greek) — ритм-гитара, бас-гитара, корнет, труба
  • Ричард Денжел (англ. Richard Dangel) — гитара
  • Майк Барк (англ. Mike Burk) — ударные
  • Марк Маруш (англ. Mark Marush) — саксофон
  • Кент Моррилл (англ. Kent Morrill) — клавишные

 Другие участники

  • Гэйл Харрисон (англ. Gail (Gayle) Harris) — вокал (приглашённый музыкант, начало августа 1959 г.)
  • Рокин' Роббин Робертс (англ. Rockin' Robbin Roberts) — вокал (приглашённый музыкант, конец августа 1959 г.)
  • Гэри Фэвьер (англ. Gary Favier) — вокал (октябрь 1958-июнь 1959)
  • Джон «Бак» Ормсби (англ. John "Buck" Orsmby) — бас-гитара (с апреля 1960)
  • Рон Гарднер (англ. Ron Gardner) — вокал, клавишные, саксофон (1960-е)
  • Нил Андерсон (англ. Neil Anderson)- гитара
  • Джон Хэнфорд (англ. John Hanford) — гитара
  • Дэйв Роланд (англ. Dave Roland) — ударные
  • Дэнни Уивер (англ. Denny Weaver) — гитара



  • The Fabulous Wailers (1959)
  • The Fabouls Wailers At The Castle (концертный, 1962)
  • Wailers & Company (1963)
  • Wailers!!! Wailers Everywhere! (1965)
  • Outburst! (1966)
  • Out Of Out Tree (1966)
  • Walk Thru This People (1968)


  • Tall Cool One (1964)
  • Fabulous Wailers, The Boys From Tacoma: Anthology 1961—1969 (1993)
  • Livewire!!! (1998)
  • Original Golden Crest Masters (1998)

 Синглы (избранное)

  • Dirty Robber (1959)
  • Louie Louie / Mary Ann (1961)
  • Seattle / Partytime U.S.A. (1963)
  • Back to You / You Weren’t Using Your Head (1965)
  • Dirty Robber / Hang Up (1965)
  • Out of Our Tree / I Got Me (1965)
  • Don’t Believe In Christmas (The Sonics) / Christmas Spirit (The Wailers) (1965)
  • It’s You Alone / Tears (1966)
  • Think Kindly Baby / End of the Summer (1966)
  • You Won’t Lead Me On / Tears (Don’t Have to Fall) (1966)
  • I’m Determined / I Don’t Want to Follow You (1967)
  • You Can’t Fly / Thinking Out Loud (1968)
  • Louie Louie (The Sonics) / Louie Louie (The Wailers) (1998)

Thanks /mza-garage Pablo/Bomber......and  friends =)

The Wailers - Wailers Wailers Everywhere (1965)/Out of Our Tree (1966)

Formed: 1958
Disbanded: 1969
Genres: Rock
Instrumental Rock, Rock & Roll

Major Members: Kent Morrill, Buck Ormsby, Mike Burk, Rick Dangel

Representative Albums: "The Fabulous Wailers at the Castle/The Wailers and Co.," "The Fabulous Wailers at the Castle," "The Fabulous Wailers"
Representative Songs: "Dirty Robber," "Tall Cool One," "Out of Our Tree"


The historical importance of the Wailers is undeniable. They were one of the very first, if not the first, of the American garage bands. Backing Rockin' Robin Roberts, they revamped an obscure R&B song called "Louie Louie" into a 1961 local hit that served as the prototype for the countless subsequent versions of the most popular garage song of the '60s. And their stomping, hard-nosed R&B/rock fusion inspired the Sonics, who took the Wailers' raunch to unimaginable extremes. While they anticipated the British Invasion bands with their brash, self-contained sound, their inability to write first-rate original material, as well as their rather outdated sax and organ-driven frat rock, put them in a distinctly lower echelon. As the decade progressed, the group did absorb mild folk-rock and psychedelic influences without great effect, either commercially or on their sound itself. ~ Richie Unterberger, (All Music Guide)

01 You Better Believe It 2:17
02 Do You Wanna Dance 2:00
03 The Wailer 2:24
04 Tomorrow's Another Day 3:05
05 Just a Little Bit Louder 2:44
06 Hold Back the Dawn 2:07
07 Tears 2:27
08 Since You Been Gone 2:16
09 How Do You Feel 2:20
10 I Think of You 2:29
11 Don't Take It So Hard 2:14
12 Ya Ya 2:28
13 You Weren't Using Your Head [*] 2:15
14 Back to You [*] 2:16
15 Hang Up [*] 2:19
16 Livewire [*] 2:17
17 All My Nights, All My Days [*] 3:08
18 Out of Our Tree 3:32
19 Mercy Mercy 2:49
20 Hang on Sloopy 3:36
21 I'm Down 2:30
22 Unchained Melody 4:42
23 Baby Don't You Do It 4:00
24 Dirty Robber [Version 4] 2:39
25 I've Got Me 2:08
26 Summertime 5:07
27 Little Si
sters 2:00
28 Hang Up [Version 2] 2:26
29 Bama Lama Bama Loo 2:25
Wailers Wailers Everywhere (1965)/Out of Our Tree (1966)

In 2003, Big Beat UK released Wailers Wailers Everywhere/Out of Our Tree, which contained two complete albums -- Wailers Wailers Everywhere (originally released in 1965 on Etiquette) and Out of Our Tree (1966, also originally on Etiquette) -- by the Wailers on one compact disc.


Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends - Hip Young Guitar Slinger


Before reaching Rock God status with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page (James Patrick Page) was the ultimate Session Man, writing, producing and playing on dozens of records. This double-CD set traces his work from humble beginnings as a teenager in the early 60s through to his in-house work at Immediate Records and onto jams in his front room with other would-be legends of the electric guitar like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

Hip Young Guitar Slinger is a compilation of Jimmy Page's pre-Led Zeppelin studio sessions, recorded between 1962 and 1966.
It is not certain whether Page actually played on every track. For instance, the history section of the Lancastrians' official website specifically states that he did not play on "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" – although he did play on the B-side, "Was She Tall".
Disc 1
1. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Who Told You?
2. Gregory Phillips - Angie
3. Gregory Phillips - Please Believe Me
4. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Somebody Told My Girl
5. Carter-Lewis and The Southerners - Skinny Minnie
6. Wayne Gibson and Dynamic Sounds - Kelly
7. Wayne Gibson and Dynamic Sounds - See You Later, Alligator
8. The Kinks - Revenge
9. The Kinks - Bald-Headed Woman
10. The First Gear - A Certain Girl
11. The First Gear - Leave My Kitten Alone
12. The Primitives - Help Me
13. The Primitives - Let Them Talk
14. The Lancastrians - We'll Sing In The Sunshine
15. The Lancastrians - Was She Tall
16. The Primitives - You Said
17. The Primitives - How Do You Feel
18. The First Gear - The "In" Crowd
19. The First Gear - Gotta Make Their Future Bright
20. The Fifth Avenue - The Bells Of Rhymney
21. The Fifth Avenue - Just Like Anyone Would Do
22. Nico - I'm Not Saying (Germany)
23. Nico - The Last Mile (Germany)
24. Gregory Phillips - Down In The Boondocks
25. Gregory Phillips - That's The One
26. The Masterminds - She Belongs To Me
27. The Masterminds - Taken My Love
Disc 2
1. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - I'm Your Witchdoctor
2. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Telephone Blues
3. John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton - On Top Of The World
4. Les Fleur De Lys - Moondreams
5. Les Fleur De Lys - Wait For Me
6. The Lancastrians - The World Keeps Going Round
7. The Lancastrians - Not The Same Anymore
8. The Factotums - Can't Go Home Anymore My Love
9. Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
10. Les Fleur De Lys - So Come On
11. Twice As Much - Sittin' On A Fence
12. Twice As Much - Step Out Of Line
13. Chris Farlowe - Moanin'
14. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Choker
15. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Freight Loader
16. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Miles Road
17. Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page - Draggin' My Tail
18. All Stars Featuring Jimmy Page - L.A. Breakdown
19. All Stars Featuring Jimmy Page - Down In The Boots
20. Eric Clapton - Snake Drive
21. Eric Clapton - West Coast Idea
22. Eric Clapton - Tribute To Elmore
23. The All Stars With Jeff Beck - Chuckles
24. The All Stars With Jeff Beck - Steelin'
25. The All Stars With Nicky Hopkins - Piano Shuffle
26. Cyril Davies and The All Stars - Not Fade Away
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The Dave Clark Five - Best Of The 60's

Herman's Hermits - Best Of The 60's

Gerry and The Peacemakers - Best Of The 60's

VA - The Hamburg Sound (Beatles Beat und Grosse Freiheit) - 2006

01. Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers - My Bonnie
02. The Beatles - Ain't She Sweet
03. Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula
04. Gerry & The Pacemakers - Ferry Across The Mercey
05. King Size Taylor & The Dominoes - Stupidity
06. Bill Haley & His Comets - See You Later Alligator
07. Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers - One Way Love
08. Screaming Lord Sutch - Til The Following Night
09. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over
10. Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven
11. The Searchers - Sweets For My Sweet
12. Tornados - Telstar
13. The Roadrunners - You'd Better Move On
14. Joey Dee & The Starlighters - Ya Ya Twist
15. Lee Curtis & The All Stars - Ecstasy
16. Fats Domino - Sick And Tired
17. Everly Brothers - Bird Dog
18. Ian & The Zodiacs - Ride Your Pony
19. Tommy Roe - Sheila
20. The Liverbirds - He's About A Mover
21. Jerry Lee Lewis & The Nashville Teens - Great Balls Of Fire
22. Pretty Things - Cry To Me
23. The Rattles - Come On And Sing
24. The Remo Four - Peter Gun
25. Sam The Sham & Pharaos - Woolly Bully
26. Small Faces - Sha-La-La-La-Lee
27. Equals - Baby Come Back
28. The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
29. Gun - Race With The Devil
30. Cream - I Feel Free
Thanks  yelper

The Small Faces -1965-1968 BBC Sessions

It took some time coming but the Small Faces BBC radio sessions are now available on CD. All the songs with one exception are already available in some form or other but these are in live performance. Very little Small Faces live material is available so this CD fills a large gap. Some of the songs have appeared on bootlegs over the years. This fact highlights "the ones that got away" such as The Temptations' Get Ready. However, Jump Back is a new tune to Small Faces listeners, credited to Steve Marriott on the track listing but, in fact, a Rufus Thomas song. Other cover versions include Brenda Holloway's Every Little Bit Hurts, Marvin Gaye's Baby Don't Do It and Tim Hardin's wonderful If I Were A Carpenter. Sam Cooke's Shake is one of the CD's highlights. This was often a Small Faces set opener with the late Ronnie Lane belting out the vocals. 

The Small Faces were a great R&B band, whether it was their own songs or covers of standards. Most of the tracks on this CD come from the first album or thereabouts when the band was signed to Decca Records. In the live context of the BBC Sessions, the songs take on an extra raw edge that cannot be duplicated on record, even though they got very close. Those not familiar with the Small Faces may even recognise the sixth track You Need Love (surely You Need Loving) as the inspiration for Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Nevertheless, the Small Faces' version was not entirely original, having been "heavily influenced" by a Willie Dixon song.

BBC Sessions covers most of the early singles including Whatcha Gonna Do About It and Sha-La-La-La-Lee before moving on to Marriott/Lane material such as Hey Girl and the number one hit All or Nothing. The b-side of the latter, Understanding, is one of the highlights of this CD. The first three tracks feature the group's original organ player Jimmy Winston before he was replaced by Ian McLagan.

There is a gap of almost two years between most of the songs and the final three. These tracks show a distinct change in the band's style from the raw R&B of the Decca years to the Ogden's era. Of the three songs in the final session for the BBC's Top Gear, only one is a Small Faces' original, Lazy Sunday. However, the two cover versions highlight the strength of Marriott's vocal performance.

The CD finishes with interviews with Steve Marriott and Kenney Jones. These help to give the songs an historical context although they would have sounded better "in context." The interviews end by introducing the next song so why not lead into the song rather than the next interview? the interviews sound far more dated than the music which has lasted and still sounds fresh and raw.

This CD contains the first "new" Small Faces material for over 30 years. However, it it worth a place on the shelf as it takes the Small Faces sound beyond what is already available on record or CD. Wonderful though the studio material is, the Small Faces were a live act and the BBC Sessions goes some way, though not all the way, to capturing this. This is how the Small Faces really did sound and it highlights just how good they were as musicians.
A solid compilation of 1965-68 BBC performances. It's heavier on their early mod years than their later psychedelic ones, which are essentially only represented by three songs from a 1968 broadcast (of which only one, "Lazy Sunday," is an original). Still, this has energetic (and, by the standards of BBC archive tapes from the 1960s, good-sounding) versions of the early singles "Whatcha Gonna Do About It," "Sha-La-La-La-Lee," "Hey Girl," and "All Or Nothing," as well as a few first album-era songs, highlighted by "You Need Love," the template for Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love." "Whatcha Gonna Do About It," from a 1965 broadcast, is a particularly incendiary performance, about the equal of the hit single version. As for songs that are otherwise unavailable on Small Faces releases, there are just a couple, and they're good ones. "Jump Back" is a heavy mod-soul cover of a song first done by Hadda Brooks, and later covered by Gene Vincent, though the Small Faces most likely learned it from Rufus Thomas' soul version. One thing's for sure: although Steve Marriott is given the songwriting credit in the liners, he did not compose it (it's been credited to both Brooks and Thomas on other reissues). There's also a mighty fine cover of Brenda Holloway's soul ballad "Every Little Bit Hurts" from 1968, with P.P. Arnold (uncredited on the sleeve) on backing vocals. This does miss some BBC cuts that have shown up on bootlegs (notably a cover of "You Really Got a Hold on Me"); perhaps good-fidelity tapes could not be found. What they did find blows previous bootlegs of Small Faces BBC sessions away, soundwise.  (AllMusic)

1. What'cha Gonna Do About It?
2. Jump Back
3. Baby Don't You Do It
4. Shake
5. Sha-La-La-La-Lee
6. You Need Loving
7. Hey Girl
8. E Too D
9. One Night Stand
10. You'd Better Believe It
11. Understanding
12. All or Nothing
13. If I Were a Carpenter
14. Lazy Sunday
15. Every Little Bit Hurts
16. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott
17. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott
18. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott
19. Rare Interviews With Steve Marriott
20. Rare Interview With Kenny Jones

The Move- 1967-68 The BBC Sessions

25 session tracks recorded between 1967-68, including 'You'dBetter Believe Me', 'Long Black Veil', 'Weekend' and 'CherryBlossom Clinic'. 1998 Strange Fruit release.

As a MOVE fan starved for any "new" material, the release of this-- an entire album of previously-unreleased recordings-- was a JOY! It was the habit of the BBC to have bands record exclusive versions of songs just for airplay (the equivalent of appearing live on Letterman, I guess). While some BBC records show the limitations of their studio-- THIS isn't one of them! Starting with "You Better Believe Me" (perhaps the only song from their formative "R&B" phase, before the onset of the psychedelic era a few months later) the songs are a mix of Move tunes & covers of other bands' songs. Many of these are a revelation, as songs like "Night Of Fear" and "I Can Hear The Grass Grow", stripped of the overdubbed studio strings, are MORE powerful than the "regular" versions! It's one highlight after another here: "Walk On The Water", "Morning Dew" (also covered, perhaps better, by Episode Six), "It'll Be Me" (giving Jerry Lee Lewis a run for his money), "Kentucky Woman", "Higher And Higher", "Long Black Veil" (referenced in the lyrics of "Do Ya"), "Piece Of My Heart", "Going Back", "California Girls", and "The Christian Life". ...

01. You'd Better Believe Me 3.00
02. Night of Fear 2.23
03. Stop, Get a Hold of Myself 2.35
04. Kilroy Was Here 2.40
05. Walk Upon the Water 3.04
06. I Can Hear the Grass Grow 3.17
07. Morning Dew 2.42
08. Flowers in the Rain 2.20
09. So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star 2.55
10. Stephanie Knows Who 2.32
11. Cherry Blossom Clinic 2.26
12. Hey Grandma 3.04
13. Fire Brigade 2.17
14. Weekend 1.52
15. It'll Be Me 2.32
16. Useless Information 2.46
17. Kentucky Woman 2.28
18. Higher and Higher 3.09
19. Long Black Veil 2.53
20. Wild Tiger Woman 2.33
21. Piece of My Heart 3.03
22. Blackberry Way [Outtake] 3.08
23. Going Back 2.50
24. California Girls 3.08
25. Christian Life 2.02


Fairport Convention -1968-69 BBC radio Sessions (Heyday)

HEYDAY is a set of 1968 BBC radio performances by Fairport Convention. The tracks were recorded after Sandy Denny had joined, but prior to the band's tragic road accident that claimed the life of drummer Martin Lamble and shook the spirit of the band. These dozen songs show the band's fascination with American music and songwriters (a fact that was also quite evident on their self-titled debut).

With two formidable front-line singers, Denny and Ian Matthews, the band's versions of songs by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Gene Clark, Johnny Cash, the Everly Brothers and others are given strong and believable treatments. An early original by Richard Thompson shows him to still be under the spell of his record collection, but his guitar playing is already uniquely his own, a remarkable accomplishment for one not yet twenty years old. These songs are rich with the joy of a band glad to be playing together and in love with their material.

Features the classic Fairport Convention line-up in session for John Peel's Top Gear program on BBC Radio 1 in 1968 & 1969. Members included Richard Thompson, the late Sandy Denny, Iain Matthews, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol........"

1. Close the Door Lightly When You Go
2. I Don't Know Where I Stand
3. Some Sweet Day
4. Reno, Nevada
5. Suzanne
6. If It Feels So Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong
7. I Still Miss Someone
8. Bird on a Wire
9. Gone, Gone, Gone
10. Tried So Hard
11. Shattering Live Experience
12. Percy's Song

Cream - 1966-68 BBC Sessions

This compilation of 22 Cream BBC tracks from 1966-1968 marked a major addition to the group's discography, particularly as they released relatively little product during their actual lifetime. All of but two of these cuts ("Lawdy Mama" and the 1968 version of "Steppin' Out," which had appeared on Eric Clapton's Crossroads box) were previously unreleased, and although many of these had made the round on bootlegs, the sound and presentation here is unsurprisingly preferable. As for actual surprises, there aren't many. It's a good cross section of songs from their studio records, though a couple, "Steppin' Out" and "Traintime," only appeared on live releases, and some of these BBC takes actually predate the release and recording of the album versions, which makes them of historical interest for intense Cream fans. (There are also four brief interviews with Eric Clapton from the original broadcasts.) There's a mild surprise in the absence of a version of "White Room," but otherwise many of the group's better compositions and covers are here, including "I Feel Free," "N.S.U.," "Strange Brew," "Tales of Brave Ulysses," "Sunshine of Your Love," "Born Under a Bad Sign," "Outside Woman Blues," "Crossroads," "We're Going Wrong," "I'm So Glad," "SWLABR," and "Politician." Cream took better advantage of the live-in-the-studio BBC format than some groups of similar stature. There's a lean urgency to most of the performances that, while not necessarily superior to the more fully realized and polished studio renditions, do vary notably in ambience from the more familiar versions. The sound quality is good but not perfect, and variable; sometimes it's excellent, yet at other times there seem to be imperfections in the tapes sourced, with "Sunshine of Your Love" suffering from a (not grievously) hollow, muffled quality. If there's any other slight criticism of this set, it's that a handful of BBC tracks don't appear, including some that don't make it onto this CD in any version, like "Sleepy Time Time," "Toad," and "Sitting on Top of the World." Given Cream's tendency to over-improvise on the band's live concert recordings, however, the concise nature of these BBC tracks (none of which exceed five minutes) makes them preferable listening in some respects.
01 - Sweet Wine [#] (3:27)
02 - Eric Clapton Interview, No. 1 [#] (0:54)
03 - Wrapping Paper [#] (2:30)
04 - Rollin' and Tumblin' [#] (3:03)
05 - Steppin' Out [#] (1:50)
06 - Crossroads [#] (1:54)
07 - Cat's Squirrel [#] (3:38)
08 - Traintime [#] (2:50)
09 - I'm So Glad [#] (4:22)
10 - Lawdy Mama [#] (1:53)
11 - Eric Clapton Interview, No. 2 [#] (0:48)
12 - I Feel Free [#] (2:54)
13 - N.S.U. [#] (2:55)
14 - Four Until Late [#] [#] (1:56)
15 - Strange Brew [#] (3:00)
16 - Eric Clapton Interview, No. 3 [#] (0:44)
17 - Tales of Brave Ulysses [#] (2:55)
18 - We're Going Wrong [#] (3:25)
19 - Eric Clapton Interview, No. 4 [#] (0:37)
20 - Born Under a Bad Sign [#] (3:03)
21 - Outside Woman Blues [#] (3:18)
22 - Take It Back [#] (2:18)
23 - Sunshine of Your Love [#] (4:09)
24 - Politician [#] (3:59)
25 - Swlabr [#] (2:32)
26 - Steppin' Out (3:36)


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The Georgia Best Satellites \ Let It Rock (2009)

At a time when rock & roll didn't care about its roots, the Georgia Satellites came crashing into the charts with a surprise hit single to remind everybody where the music had come from. The hit single, 1986's "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," rocked as hard as an old Chuck Berry song, as well as being almost as clever. The Satellites weren't a back-to-basics roots rock band, either -- their straightforward sound borrowed equally from Berry, the Rolling Stones, the Faces, Little Feat, and AC/DC, with a Southern backwoods bent. At their best, the Satellites were just a damn good rock & roll band, driven by the classic yet fresh songwriting of lead singer/guitarist Dan Baird. On the strength of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," their first major-label album sold well, but the follow-up, Open All Night, did not; radio and MTV had treated the band as a kind of novelty -- a bunch of hicks kicking out rock & roll offered a break between the slick pop-metal of Bon Jovi and the introspective pop of Peter Gabriel. By the time they released Open All Night in 1988, no one was interested, even if the album was only slightly weaker than the debut. After one more album, 1989's In the Land of Salvation and Sin, the band called it quits. Guitarist Rick Richards joined Izzy Stradlin's Ju Ju Hounds three years later; Baird pursued a solo career and had a small hit in late 1992 with "I Love You Period." In 1996, he helped form the Yayhoos after releasing his second solo album. The Yayhoos have two albums, the most recent being 2006's Put the Hammer Down. During the mid-'90s, the Georgia Satellites reunited without Baird. They released Shaken Not Stirred in 1997.


1. Don't Pass Me By (LP Version) 4:53
2. Keep Your Hands To Yourself (LP Version) 3:26
3. Battleship Chains (LP Version) 2:58
4. The Myth of Love (LP Version) 4:14
5. Can't Stand The Pain (LP Version) 3:44
6. Nights Of Mystery (LP Version) 4:44
7. Let It Rock (Live LP Version) 4:02
8. Open All Night (LP Version) 2:49
9. Sheila (LP Version) 3:41
10. Mon Cheri (LP Version) 4:39
11. Down and Down (LP Version) 3:49
12. Saddle Up (LP Version) 2:48
13. Hippy Hippy Shake (LP Version) 1:47
14. I Dunno (LP Version) 3:10
15. All Over But the Cryin' (LP Version) 5:11
16. Six Year Gone (LP Version) 3:09
17. Hard Luck Boy (LP Version) 3:07
18. Almost Saturday Night/Rockin' All Over The World (LP Version) 4:06
19. Dan Takes Five (LP Version) 3:27
20. Another Chance (LP Version)


Most of the band's best tracks are on this generous compilation, which not only features their hits ("Keep Your Hands to Yourself" and "Battleship Chains"), but also includes rarities like their sublime John Fogerty medley "Almost Saturday Night/Rockin' All Over the World" from the Rubaiyat collect


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The Mccoys - 2 Great LP's on 1 CD

ну вот и всЁ !!!

The Hobbits - Men and Doors (1968)

Folk-rock outfit the Hobbits was the studio project of Queens, New York-born singer/songwriter Jimmy Curtiss, who ranks as one of the more interesting footnotes in the history of rock & roll -- the rare would-be teen idol who actually wrote his own material (and did so admirably), he later expanded his reach into psychedelia and harmony-laden folk-rock, but while the subject of a small cult following, none of his records ever made a commercial dent. Curtiss first surfaced in 1959 as a member of the doo wop combo the Enjays and issued his solo debut, "Without You," on United Artists in 1961 -- the label attempted to position him as a teen crooner in the mold of Bobby Vee or Paul Anka, but he failed to make a commercial impact. After a period working as a songwriter he dropped out of music to pursue a career in advertising before resurfacing in 1967 with the bubblegum cult classic "Psychedelic Situation," a major hit in Germany that attracted little attention at home. Curtiss then signed to Decca, collaborating with producers Jerry Vance and Terry Phillips and songwriter Marcia Hillman on the Hobbits -- despite borrowing their name from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels and titling their 1967 debut Down to Middle Earth, the Hobbits turned out relatively straightforward sunshine pop, and the album is much sought-after by soft-psych aficionados. The follow-up, Men and Doors: The Hobbits Communicate, appeared in 1968 -- like its predecessor, the record didn't sell, and Decca terminated the contract. Curtiss then formed his own label and production company, both dubbed Perception, and helmed an LP and three singles by the psychedelic soul act the Bag, members of which reportedly worked on the Hobbits project as well. Speaking of which, after rechristening the group the New Hobbits, Curtiss released 1969's Back From Middle Earth, essentially a solo effort. According to the liner notes in the second volume of the Soft Sounds for Gentle People series, he eventually ended up in San Francisco, going solely by the initials J.C. -- his current activities and whereabouts are unknown.

***************************************************************************************1.Men & Doors
2.Espaсa Baby
3.Let Me Make My Own Mistakes
5.Words Get In The Way
6.The Journey
7.Will You Be Ready For Tomorrow
8.Love Is
9.Strawberry children
10.University Of the Street
11.Artificial Face

TIME MACHINE, i think... but THANKsss!!!!!

VA - Jukebox Hits of 1955-1965 Part 6 (1961)

Weeckand from ..... our     Friend !
Vol.1:1. The Tokens — The Lion Sleeps Tonight [02:41]2. Bobby Lewis — Tossin' and Turnin' [02:35]3. Jimmy Dean — Big Bad John [03:02]4. Del Shannon — Runaway [02:19]5. Bobby Vee — Take Good Care of My Baby [02:29]6. The Marcels — Blue Moon [02:17]7. The Shirelles — Will You Love Me Tomorrow [02:42]8. Ricky Nelson — Travelin' Man [02:22]9. Gary U.S. Bonds — Quarter to Three [02:31]10. Dion — Runaround Sue [02:43]11. The Marvelettes — Please Mr. Postman [02:29]12. Roy Orbison — Running Scared [02:15]13. Joe Dowell — Wooden Heart [02:02]14. Pat Boone — Moody River [02:36]15. Ernie K. Doe — Mother-in-Law [02:28]16. Chris Kenner — I Like It Like That [01:57]17. Brook Benton — The Boll Wevil Song [02:38]18. Dick & Dee Dee — The Mountain's High [02:18]19. Dee Clark — Raindrops [02:50]20. James Darren — Goodbye Cruel World [02:18]21. Gene McDaniels — A Hundred Pounds of Clay [02:20]22. Brenda Lee — Fool #1 [02:27]23. Marty Robbins — Don't Worry [03:11]24. Linda Scott — I've Told Every Little Star [02:18]25. Clarence "Frogman" Henry — But I Do [02:18]26. Connie Francis — Where the Boys Are [02:39]27. Neil Sedaka — Calendar Girl [02:41]28. Timi Yuro — Hurt [02:28]29. Leroy Van Dyke — Walk On by [02:22]30. Johnny Tillotson — Without You [02:11]Total time: 01:14:27 Vol.2:1. Paul Anka — Cinderella [02:16]2. Eddie Hodges — I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door [02:08]3. Bobby Angelo — Baby Sittin' [02:07]4. Linda Scott — Don't Bet Money Honey [02:31]5. Barry Mann — Who Put the Bomb [02:50]6. John Dee Loudermilk — Language of Love [01:48]7. Roy Orbison — Come Back to My Love [02:31]8. Ricky Nelson — Hello Mary Lou [02:20]9. Gene Pitney — Town Without Pity [02:56]10. Gene McDaniels — Tower of Strength [02:19]11. Troy Shondell — This Time [02:39]12. Ben E. King — Amor [03:08]13. Curtis Lee — Pretty Little Angel Eyes [02:47]14. Connie Francis — Breakin' a Brand New Broken Heart [02:40]15. The Everly Brothers — Walk Right Back [02:21]16. Brenda Lee — Emotions [02:51]17. Joe Dee & The Starlighters — The Peppermint Twist [02:03]18. Freddy Cannon — Transistor Sister [02:28]19. The Angels — Till [02:30]20. Johnny Burnette — Dream Lover [02:27]21. Dion — The Wanderer [02:52]22. The Paris Sisters — I Love How You Love Me [02:10]23. Jerry Butler — Moon River [02:41]24. Lee Dorsey — Ya Ya [02:22]25. The Highwaymen — Michael [02:49]26. Tony Orlando — Bless You [02:11]27. Sandy Nelson — Let There Be Drums [02:17]Total time: 01:07:02 Vol.3:1. Ral Donner — The Girl of My Best Friend [02:17]2. Chep & The Limelites — Daddy's Home [03:04]3. Connie Francis — Someone Else's Boy [02:47]4. The Mar-Keys — Last Night [02:42]5. Jerry Wallace — There She Goes [02:34]6. Frankie Avalon — True True Love [02:24]7. Bobby Darin — Nature Boy [02:37]8. Roy Orbison — Crying [02:48]9. Duane Eddy — The Ballad of Paladin [01:57]10. Paul Anka — Dance On Little Girl [02:20]11. Johnny Tillotson — Jimmy's Girl [02:44]12. Patsy Cline — Crazy [02:44]13. The Chordettes — Never on a Sunday [02:41]14. Buzz Clifford — Baby-Sittin' Boogie [02:06]15. Jackie Wilson — I'm Coming On Back to You [02:18]16. The Chantels — Look in My Eyes [02:20]17. Dorsey Burnette — Great Shakin' Fever [02:09]18. Jimmy Elledge — Funny How Time Slips Away [02:51]19. Floyd Cramer — On the Rebound [02:10]20. Ann Margret — I Just Don't Understand [02:40]21. Jack Scott — One of Those Days [02:35]22. The Impressions — Gypsy Woman [02:22]23. Del Shannon — Hats Off to Larry [02:02]24. Barbara George — I Know [02:23]25. The Shirelles — Mom Said [02:11]26. Bobby Rydell — Good Times Baby [02:14]27. Neil Sedaka — Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen [02:40]28. Billy Vaughn — Wheels [02:06]29. Conway Twitty — C'est Si Bon [02:18]30. Brian Hyland — Let Me Belong to You [03:04]Total time: 01:14:08 Vol.4:1. Neil Sedaka — Little Devil [02:47]2. Linda Scott — Starlight Starbright [02:22]3. The Lettermen — When I Fall in Love [02:30]4. Ben E. King — Spanish Harlem [02:56]5. Brenda Lee — Dum Dum [02:28]6. Buddy Knox — Ling-Ting-Tong [02:11]7. Frankie Laine — The 3:10 to Yuma [02:29]8. Connie Francis — Hollywood [02:18]9. Bobby Darin — You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby [02:16]10. Dion — Kansas City [02:44]11. Paul Anka — Kissin' on the Phone [02:37]12. Del Shannon — So Long Baby [02:05]13. Bob Luman — The Great Snow Man [02:52]14. The Marcels — Heartaches [02:37]15. The Dovells — Bristol Stomp [02:22]16. Fats Domino — Did You Ever See a Dream Walking [01:46]17. Lee Dorsey — Do Re Mi [02:15]18. The Everly Brothers — Temptation [02:16]19. The Diamonds — One Summer Night [02:36]20. Bill Black's Combo — My Girl Josephine [02:17]21. Frankie Avalon — All of Everything [02:35]22. Brook Benton — Revenge [02:39]23. The String-A-Longs — Brass Buttons [02:07]24. Gene Pitney — I Wanna Love My Life Away [01:58]25. Ricky Nelson — Everlovin' [02:09]26. The Piltdown Men — The Great Impostor [01:58]27. Eddie Hodges — Ain't Gonna Wash for a Week [02:22]28. Don Gibson — Sea of Heartbreak [02:36]29. Duane Eddy — Ring of Fire [02:25]30. Cathy Jean & The Roommates — Please Love Me Forever [02:49]

VA - Jukebox Hits of 1955-1965 Part 6 (1960)

From Jancy!!!


 СD 1

01. Percy Faith - Theme from A Summer Place
02. Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
03. Johnny Preston - Running Bear
04. Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry
05. The Drifters - Save the Last Dance for Me
06. Marty Robbins - El Paso
07. Mark Dinning - Teen Angel
08. Connie Francis - Everybody's Somebody's Fool
09. Maurice Williams - Stay
10. Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
11. Larry Verne - Mr. Custer
12. The Brothers Four - Green Fields
13. Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
14. Paul Anka - Puppy Love
15. Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely
16. Jimmie Jones - Handy Man
17. Bobby Rydell - Volare
18. Johnny Tillotson - Poetry in Motion
19. Jack Scott - Burning Bridges
20. Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons
21. Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck
22. Kathy Young & The Innocents - A Thousand Stars
23. Dion - Where or When
24. Duane Eddy - Because They're Young
25. Joe Jones - You Talk Too Much
26. Steve Lawrence - Footsteps
27. Johnny Burnette - You're Sixteen
28. Harold Dorman - Mountain of Love
29. Bobby Vee - Devil or Angel

CD 2

01. Jimmy Jones - Good Timin'
02. Damita J - I'll Save the Last Dance for You
03. Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
04. Roy Orbison - Blue Angel
05. Johnny Preston - Cradle of Love
06. Dodie Stevens - Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight
07. Jim Reeves - He'll Have to Go
08. Curtis Lee - Under the Moon of Love
09. The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues
10. Wanda Jackson - Let's Have a Party
11. Hank Locklin - Please Help Me I'm Falling
12. Connie Francis - Many Tears Ago
13. Johnny Horton - North to Alaska
14. Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin's
15. Donnie Brooks - Mission Bell
16. The Crests - Step by Step
17. Dorsey Burnette - Hey Little One
18. The Champs - Too Much Tequila
19. Chubby Checker - The Hucklebuck
20. The Poni-Tails - Before We Say Goodnight
21. The Browns - The Old Lamplighter
22. Roy Holden - Love You So
23. Everly Brothers - So Sad
24. Brook Benton & Dinah Washington - A Rockin' Good Way
25. The Hollywood Argyles - Aley Oop
26. Fats Domino - Walking to New Orleans
27. Johnny Burnette - Dreamin'
28. The Fireballs - Vaquero
29. Dion & The Belmonts - In the Still of the Night
30. Eddie Cochran - Three Steps to Heaven

CD 3

01. Bobby Vee - Rubber Ball
02. Eddie Cochran - Weekend
03. The Piltdown Man - Piltdown Rides Again
04. Gene Vincent - Pistol-Packin' Mama
05. Buddy Holly - True Love Waits
06. Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
07. Dion - Lonely Teenager
08. Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living
09. Roy Orbison - Bye Bye Love
10. The Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me
11. Ray Peterson - Corina Corina
12. Jackie Wilson - Talk That Talk
13. The Drifters - This Magic Moment
14. Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart
15. The Crests - Trouble in Paradise
16. Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea
17. Neil Sedaka - You Mean Everything to Me
18. Connie Francis - Teddy
19. Frankie Avalon - A Perfect Love
20. Paul Anka - Summer's Gone
21. The Poni-Tails - Come Be My Love
22. Johnny & The Hurricanes - Beatnik Fly
23. The Platters - On a Slow Boat to China
24. The Moonglows - Blue Velvet
25. Rosie & The Originals - Angel Baby
26. Bill Black Combo - Don't Be Cruel
27. Jerry Wallace - Little Coconut Palm
28. Floyd Cramer - Last Date
29. Dorsey Burnette - Tall Oak Tree
30. Brenda Lee - I Want to Be Wanted

CD 4

01. Paul Anka - My Home Town
02. Billy Bland - Let the Little Girl Dance
03. Chubby Checker - The Twist
04. Dion - Little Miss Blue
05. Fats Domino - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
06. Annette - Pineapple Princess
07. Freddy Cannon - Blue Skies
08. Eddie Cochran - Cherished Memories
09. Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me
10. Connie Francis - Valentino
11. Carl Mann - Some Enchanted Evening
12. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run
13. Ricky Nelson - Yes Sir That's My Baby
14. Bobby Vee - Everyday
15. Johnny Preston - Charming Billy
16. The String-Longs - Wheels
17. Charlie Rich - Long Weekends
18. Johnny Tillotson - Princess Princess
19. Bobby Rydell - Swingin' School
20. Ray Smith - Rockin' Little Angel
21. Johnny & The Hurricanes - Sandstorm
22. Fabian - String Along
23. The Everly Brothers - Lucille
24. Johnny Burnette - Kentucky Waltz
25. Bobby Darin - I'll Be There
26. Brook Benton - Kiddio
27. The Fireballs - Vaquero
28. The Platters - Red Sails in the Sunset
29. Roy Orbison - I Can't Stop Loving You
30. Buddy Knox - Lovey Dovey





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The Lords - The Lords 50 (2009)

01. Raindreams
02. Fire
03. Shakin' all over
04. Spitfire Lace
05. Greensleeves
06. Cut my hair
07. Seven Daffodils
08. Late last sunday evening
09. Have a drink on me
10. Que sera
11. Peter Gunn
12. Michael
13. Gloryland / John Brown's body
14. Poor Boy
15. You really got me
16. Rock’n Roll Medley
17. Dance with the Devil

(Track 1,8,15,17 new 2009
Track 3,7,9,10,11,12,14,16 live in Ratshausen 2008
Track 2,4,13 live in Dortmund 2008
Track 5,6 live in Dattein 2008 )


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The Undertakers - The Undertakers Unearthed

The Undertakers had a lot going for them. They were one of the stronger groups in the Liverpool area (Wallasey being directly across the Mersey), they counted the Beatles among their fans, they were signed to a major label in England and even got to release a single in the U.S.A., and to perform in America, albeit not under the best of circumstances. And they counted Jackie Lomax, one of England's best white soul singers, as a member. But the group played out its existence in adversity, charting in England only once, and was consigned to oblivion in 1966.

The Undertakers, or the 'Takers, as they were sometimes referred to, had their start in 1961, when two of the top local groups in Wallasey disbanded and formed two new bands -- one was the Undertakers, and the other was Dee & the Dynamites. The Undertakers' original line-up was Bob Evans at the drums, Chris Huston on lead guitar, Geoff Nugent playing rhythm guitar, Brian Jones (not the Rolling Stone) on saxophone, Dave "Mushy" Cooper on bass, and Jimmy McManus singing. Evans left the band in late 1961, to be replaced by Bugs Pemberton (of Dee & The Dynamites), and in January of 1962 Cooper departed to join Faron's Flamingos, and was replaced by Jackie Lomax -- who had never played bass before, and had one thrust into his hands upon joining. Within a few months, McManus -- who was known for picking fights with audience members -- was eased out and Lomax took over the singing.

The Undertakers developed a serious following in Wallasey and Liverpool, partly due to Lomax's unusually good singing and the fact that, in addition to the standard mix of obscure American rock & roll and genre standards, they also attempted more big-band style R&B, helped by rian Jones' sax -- few Mersey-side groups had a saxophone in their lineup.

Ironically, the band rejected the management offers of Brian Epstein, choosing instead to be represented by Ralph Webster, who had connections to numerous local performing venues, thus assuring them of constant work. The band's summer 1962 residency at the Star Club in Hamburg allowed the Undertakers to learn first-hand from American legends such as Ray Charles and Little Richard, which greatly improved their act. By the spring of 1963, they had a contract with Pye Records, and were recording the most commercial parts of their stage act.

Their first single, "(Do The) Mashed Potatoes" b/w "Everybody Loves a Lover," didn't sell, nor did "What About Us" b/w "Money" -- although the latter was one of the more convincing covers of the British beat boom, rivaling the Beatles' version for raw power -- but their third single, "Just A Little Bit" b/w "Stupidity," became a top 20 hit in England during the summer of 1964. With the saxophone, and the thumping beat favored during this period, they sounded very slightly like the Dave Clark Five, but Jones was a more articulate player than that, and the lead guitar always made the group's sound pretty complex, and Lomax was an incredibly charismatic soul singer, the Mersey-side rival to Eric Burdon and maybe better than that.

Despite the success of their third release, relations between the band and the label were never good. Pye had offered the Undertakers a good contract in monetary terms, but the group was given Tony Hatch -- who otherwise produced Petula Clark and the Searchers -- as producer. They never got along with him or agreed with his ideas, and the only thing that prevented a disaster was that their contract gave the band the right to select its repertory for recording, which meant that they worked around Hatch. By late 1964, however, the situation had deteriorated, and they left Pye -- the Undertakers were without a contract until the following year, when they began the strangest chapter in their history.

While playing the continent, the group saw an advertisement promising work in America for a British band -- the Undertakers, reduced to a quartet by the absence of rhythm guitarist Geoff Nugent, took off for New York. They signed with New York-based entrepreneur Bob Harvey -- who also put ex-Beatle drummer Pete Best under contract at the very same time. It turned out that Harvey was more willing to push Best, who was easy to market as an ex-Beatle, into the best gigs. Meanwhile, the Undertakers, skirting the limits of their visas and playing shows for short-end money in America and Canada, were so hard up that they ended up sleeping in the midtown Manhattan studio where they were working with producer-arranger Bob Gallo.

The Undertakers got one single, "I Fell In Love," written by Bob Bateman, into release. When they weren't scrounging around for money, the group played gigs, and also contributed to the session on a Gallo-produced effort, credited to the "You-Know-Who-Group," that's become a piece of British invasion ersatz. While hanging around the studio with members of the Pete Best Combo (who were treated no better than they were -- only Best saw any real respect), the Undertakers did manage to record an entire album of their own, which went unreleased for 30 years, until 1995.

They gave up on their American manager when the money ran out. Brian Jones headed back to England, Chris Huston reportedly hooked up with the Young Rascals, and Bugs Pemberton became the resident Englishman in a New York-based outfit called the Mersey Lads, and hooked up with Lomax in a group called the Lost Souls. Based in New York, they were spotted by Brian Epstein, who helped them get an album cut at Columbia Records, which was never released. Epstein's death in the summer of 1967 called a halt to that group, but a year later, longtime admirer George Harrison brought Jackie Lomax aboard as an Apple recording artist.

The band never got an album out in its own time, and only charted a couple of records, but the Undertakers remain fondly remembered in England, especially in and around Liverpool. In 1995, Big Beat Records issued a CD of the Undertakers' recordings, including their never-issued American album.
1 (Do the) Mashed Potatoes
2 Everybody Loves a Lover A
3 Money (That's What I Want)
4 What Abut Us
5 Just a Little Bit
6 Stupidity
7 If You Don't Come Back
8 Think
9 Be My Little Girl
10 She Said Yeah
11 I Need Your Lovin'
12 Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
13 Tricky Dicky
14 Irresistible You
15 Love Is a Swingin' Thing
16 Hey Hey Hey Hey
17 You're So Fine and Sweet
18 Leave My Kitten Alone
19 Watch Your Step
20 Throw Your Love Away Girl
21 (I Fell in Love) For the Very First Time
Twenty-one sides left behind by the Undertakers, and there's not a bad song in the bunch. The first eight sides comprise their Pye Records singles, and these are pretty sharp -- this band was one of the few in England of that era that found a balance between the sax and the guitars, and melded American R&B with a thumping Merseybeat sound without coming across as either artificial or hopelessly primitive. "If You Don't Come Back" is one of the best recordings in the whole Pye catalog, even if it did herald the band's departure. Then there's the American recorded stuff, which is in a class by itself -- the Undertakers were leaner with just one guitar, and their sound is tighter, giving Lomax more room to stretch out vocally. The result is a dozen killer tracks on what ought to have been one of the great mid-1960s R&B albums by any British group; this stuff rivals The Beatles' Second Album or the My Generation album by the Who. The pity is that the band never got to follow it up -- they still had slight vestiges of that thumping Merseybeat sound, muted by the absence of a heavy rhythm guitar, and where they would have gone from here makes for fascinating speculation (one longs to hear the Lost Souls album). It's also easy to understand, after hearing this material, why George Harrison was so eager to bring Lomax to Apple.

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“The Beats”: la Mejor Banda Tributo a The Beatles en el Caupolicán

The Beats es una agrupación argentina considerada la mejor banda tributo The Beatles del mundo. Santiago tendrá la opurtunidad de ver a este grupo ya que se presentará en el Teatro Caupolicán con un show que repasa los mayores éxitos de los oriundos de Liverpool. Todo esto se acompaña con una ambientación visual e instrumental muy similar a la que usaban los Beatles.


Chris Britton - As I Am (1969)

As guitarist for the Troggs, Chris Britton made important contributions to the raw British Invaders' sound with his crunchy, wiry style. Though Reg Presley was the Troggs' principal lead singer and songwriter, Britton also took occasional lead vocals and wrote a bit of material on their records, the odd primitive buzzing psychedelia of "Maybe the Madman" and the sultry midtempo rocker "Say Darlin'" (both used on 1968 B-sides) being the highlights in that respect. It's not even too well-known by many big Troggs fans that Britton did an obscure solo LP in 1970, As I Am. Though it betrayed his modest gifts/limitations as a singer/songwriter, it was an agreeable, varied batch of period British psychedelic pop songs, sung by Britton in his idiosyncratic, diffidently cool and amused style.
1 Sit Down Beside Me
2 Will It Last
3 That Was the Time
4 No Sense in Fighting
5 Maybe Time Will Change You
6 Fly with Me
7 If You Really Care
8 Run & Hide
9 How Do You Say Goodbye
10 Sleep My Love
11 Why Did I Let You Go
12 Evil Woman
13 Learn to Love Life You'll Be Living
Chris Britton's rare solo album sounds much like you would expect if you're familiar with his very occasional singing and songwriting outings within the Troggs. It's fairly pleasant psychedelic-tinged late-'60s British pop/rock, delivered with understated, almost laconically sly vocals. Plenty of the period trimmings of British psych-pop (sometimes echoing those found in the Troggs' own gentler efforts) can be heard: chirpy Baroque-tinged string arrangements, harpsichord, hints of Eastern exotica, buoyant romantic lyrics, melodic acoustic folky guitar, the odd vaudevillian flavor, Swinging London brass, and the like. There's also Britton's own version of a song the Troggs had recorded for a flop 1969 single, "Evil Woman" -- the only tune here, in fact, that Britton didn't write himself (and a notably inferior version to the Troggs' own). In common with many solo efforts by important-but-secondary figures within major bands, however, the material's not outstanding enough to demand attention beyond that band's hardcore faithful. As records within that category go, however, this is above average, so Troggs freaks won't be disappointed.

The Electric Prunes - Lost Dreams


Though they got considerable input from talented L.A. songwriters and producers, with their two big hits penned by outside sources, the Electric Prunes did by and large play the music on their records, their first lineup writing some respectable material of their own. On their initial group of recordings, they produced a few great psychedelic garage songs, especially the scintillating "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night," which mixed distorted guitars and pop hooks with inventive, oscillating reverb. Songwriters Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz wrote most of the Prunes' material, much of which in turn was crafted in the studio by Dave Hassinger, who had engineered some classic Rolling Stones... Read More...


1. Shadows
2. Ain't It Hard
3. Little Olive
4. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
5. I've Got A Way Of My Own
6. Luvin' 7. I Happen To Love You
8. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)
9. Hideaway
10. Try Me On For Size
11. Great Banana Hoax
12. You Never Had It Better
13. Dr. Do-Good
14. Get Me To The World On Time
15. Captain Glory
16. World Of Darkness
17. Train For Tomorrow
18. Big City
19. Wind-Up Toys
20. It's Not Fair
21. Sold To The Highest Bidder
12. Everybody Knows You're Not In Love
23. Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)


Aside from the British anthology Long Day's Flight, this is (as of its 2001 release) the only legit Electric Prunes best-of ever issued. For the most part it succeeds in encapsulating the band's finest moments, adding a few rarities that will make it a desirable acquisition for completists. Their best singles are here, including the hits "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and "Get Me to the World on Time," of course, as well as "Dr. Do-Good," "Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)," and their non-LP debut, "Ain't It Hard"/"Little Olive." Outstanding album tracks like "I Happen to Love You," "Sold to the Highest Bidder," and "Train to Tomorrow" are on board as well. The truly awful cuts from their first LP are omitted, although the exclusion of decent items from Underground, particularly "Antique Doll" and "Children of Rain," could be questioned. As for the rarities, there's "Shadows," a creepy item from an excruciatingly rare non-LP 1968 promo single; an inconsequential cover of the Hollies' "I've Got a Way of My Own"; the previously unreleased "World of Darkness," an amiably bouncy but inessential number; and their infamous 1967 commercial for Vox wah-wah pedals (unlisted on the sleeve). For those who care about such things, "Dr. Do-Good" and "Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)" have elongated fadeouts not present on the more commonly circulated versions. The slightly shorter Edsel compilation Long Day's Flight is probably a better listen overall (and does include "Children of Rain" and "Antique Doll"), but either one makes for a satisfactory overview. Like Long Day's Flight, however, this has nothing from their Mass in F Minor album, which might be viewed as either a loss or a gain by Electric Prunes fans according to their tastes. As a minor drawback, Lost Dreams does not document the original release dates of any of the



Blond-- The Lilac Years (1969)

Blond grew out of the Swedish band Tages, arguably the finest Swedish '60s rock group. After lead singer Tommy Blom left in the late '60s, they changed their name to Blond, the chief creative force being bassist/songwriter Goran Lagerberg (who had also sang some lead in Tages). Blond's 1969 album The Lilac Years was recorded in London and released in both Europe and the United States (where it was simply called Blond). Similar to the later recordings of Tages, and perhaps a bit more Anglo-pop-oriented than Tages, the album was a respectable though unexceptional effort with echoes of the Hollies, the Beatles, the Easybeats, and the like. At times it got into moody, almost early art rock-like textures, particularly on the lengthy title track, though the general mood was upbeat cheery pop/rock. They could have easily passed for a British (or even American) group, but never made significant inroads into the English-speaking market. Two new members replaced a couple of the ex-Tages, lead guitarist Anders Topel and rhythm guitarist Danne Larsson, after the album was recorded (but before it was released). Blond disbanded in 1970.

Deep Inside My Heart
Sailing Across The Ocean
Six White Horses
Time Is Mine
The Girl I Once Had
The Lilac Years
I Wake Up And Call
Sun In Her Hand
I Pick Up The Bus
There's A Man Standing In The Corner
I Will Bring You Flowers In The Morning
Lost Child *
How Can I Pray When I Don't Even Believe *
Balladen Om Killen (Del 1) *
Balladen Om Killen (Del 2)

V.A. - Original Beat aus England Folge 12

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