Saturday, October 3, 2009

Charly Antolini - Knock Out !

Jancy  Рекомендует :

Check your Loudspeaker with "Charly Antolini" "Knock Out" - play it loud !!

If you have after "Knock Out" problems with your loudspeaker, visit your dealer.


Knock Out was the most discussed issue at the 1979 Berlin Radio Show. Never before had drums been recorded with such impulsive power.

Here, High-End Analogue Remastering takes the direct path, so to speak, and uses the direct cut itself as master. Recorded from the original copies of the Jeton D2D LPs on a killer Clearaudio Master Reference turntable with a Master TQ-I tonearm and Insider Reference Cartridge to tape, then remastered to LP!

Charly Antolini, drums
Wolfgang Schmidt, bass
Nippi Noya, percussion

1. Knock Out
2. Soundcheck with Nippi
3. Bassbrush
4. Crystal for Christel
5. Five for Three
6. Bushfire

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