Saturday, October 31, 2009

Strangers Family Band E​.​P. (2009)

I nothing earlier about this don't know.... But - 

"...Like what you do a great deal, have found some great bands from your links. Love the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Wanted to submit our band Strangers Family Band for possible link up on your site. We've gotten comparisons like this so far "If the Doors & Kennelmus had a baby, the Strangers Family Band is their love child!" - Valis, Trip Inside this House.

Here is a link to our E.P., free download, if you are interested. Thank you!" - Strangers Family Band\Al Crowley

THANKS I'M  Delight...

1. Girl I've Been Taken 04:23  
 2. Wooden Hands 03:55
 3. No One Sees Her 04:28  
 4. Strange Transmission 07:03  
5. Tangerine 01:58
 6. Beware The Autumn People 04:43  

Strangers Family Band E.P. (self-release)
released 22 June 2009
Strangers Family Band is: Ates Isildak, Rick Seltzer, Scott Seltzer, Juan Londono, Kevin Williams

additional musicians:
Nate Banzhof- Trumpet
Mike Cardone- Trombone
Chris McCallister- French Horn
Isaac Pineda- Piano
Jon Prestage- Saxophone
Michael Wheaton- Theremin
Don May- Additional Keys
Justin Bowen- Accordion

songs recorded 2009 by Ates Isildak at the LoFi House
*except 'Beware The Autumn People', recorded live.
copyright 2009, Strangers Family Band

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