Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Electric Prunes - Lost Dreams


Though they got considerable input from talented L.A. songwriters and producers, with their two big hits penned by outside sources, the Electric Prunes did by and large play the music on their records, their first lineup writing some respectable material of their own. On their initial group of recordings, they produced a few great psychedelic garage songs, especially the scintillating "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night," which mixed distorted guitars and pop hooks with inventive, oscillating reverb. Songwriters Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz wrote most of the Prunes' material, much of which in turn was crafted in the studio by Dave Hassinger, who had engineered some classic Rolling Stones... Read More...


1. Shadows
2. Ain't It Hard
3. Little Olive
4. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
5. I've Got A Way Of My Own
6. Luvin' 7. I Happen To Love You
8. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)
9. Hideaway
10. Try Me On For Size
11. Great Banana Hoax
12. You Never Had It Better
13. Dr. Do-Good
14. Get Me To The World On Time
15. Captain Glory
16. World Of Darkness
17. Train For Tomorrow
18. Big City
19. Wind-Up Toys
20. It's Not Fair
21. Sold To The Highest Bidder
12. Everybody Knows You're Not In Love
23. Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)


Aside from the British anthology Long Day's Flight, this is (as of its 2001 release) the only legit Electric Prunes best-of ever issued. For the most part it succeeds in encapsulating the band's finest moments, adding a few rarities that will make it a desirable acquisition for completists. Their best singles are here, including the hits "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and "Get Me to the World on Time," of course, as well as "Dr. Do-Good," "Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)," and their non-LP debut, "Ain't It Hard"/"Little Olive." Outstanding album tracks like "I Happen to Love You," "Sold to the Highest Bidder," and "Train to Tomorrow" are on board as well. The truly awful cuts from their first LP are omitted, although the exclusion of decent items from Underground, particularly "Antique Doll" and "Children of Rain," could be questioned. As for the rarities, there's "Shadows," a creepy item from an excruciatingly rare non-LP 1968 promo single; an inconsequential cover of the Hollies' "I've Got a Way of My Own"; the previously unreleased "World of Darkness," an amiably bouncy but inessential number; and their infamous 1967 commercial for Vox wah-wah pedals (unlisted on the sleeve). For those who care about such things, "Dr. Do-Good" and "Long Day's Flight ('Til Tomorrow)" have elongated fadeouts not present on the more commonly circulated versions. The slightly shorter Edsel compilation Long Day's Flight is probably a better listen overall (and does include "Children of Rain" and "Antique Doll"), but either one makes for a satisfactory overview. Like Long Day's Flight, however, this has nothing from their Mass in F Minor album, which might be viewed as either a loss or a gain by Electric Prunes fans according to their tastes. As a minor drawback, Lost Dreams does not document the original release dates of any of the



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