Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Hollies - Hollies Sing Hollies (199?)

Many 60's pop fans thought the Hollies were a lost cause after Grahamn Nash left, but this fine 1969 release shows otherwise. The introduction of Terry Sylvester does nothing to change the original sound of the group, in fact the Hollies harmonies sound better than ever.

One thing I like about this CD is the basic but near-perfect production, (recorded on 8-track tape recorders), its not as slick as thier mid/late 70's work but not as trashy and super-compressed as thier mid 60's hits and LP's.

The Hollies own songwriting is ace here, "My Life Is Over With You" is a awesome "get out of my life" song with a great Allan Clarke vocal, and "Maragold - Gloria Swansong" could have belonged on "Butterfly". "Please Let Me Please" is a upbeat rocker with a killer hook.

About the only thing I dislike about the UK version is the horrible cover! It looks like the group is ready for the UK cabaret circuit (or a Vegas showband) and not cool for any kind of Rock N' Roll credibilty. I'm glad Epic decided to put together a better looking cover for the USA version of this album (known as "He Aint Heavy,
He's My Brother"). Ignore the cover, but enjoy the music!

Search for a CD/LP called "Russian Roulette" if you want to knocked out by just how good this band could be in the mid 70's.  
I beg your pardon! , I'm kidding .... 8)(....

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