Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Move- 1967-68 The BBC Sessions

25 session tracks recorded between 1967-68, including 'You'dBetter Believe Me', 'Long Black Veil', 'Weekend' and 'CherryBlossom Clinic'. 1998 Strange Fruit release.

As a MOVE fan starved for any "new" material, the release of this-- an entire album of previously-unreleased recordings-- was a JOY! It was the habit of the BBC to have bands record exclusive versions of songs just for airplay (the equivalent of appearing live on Letterman, I guess). While some BBC records show the limitations of their studio-- THIS isn't one of them! Starting with "You Better Believe Me" (perhaps the only song from their formative "R&B" phase, before the onset of the psychedelic era a few months later) the songs are a mix of Move tunes & covers of other bands' songs. Many of these are a revelation, as songs like "Night Of Fear" and "I Can Hear The Grass Grow", stripped of the overdubbed studio strings, are MORE powerful than the "regular" versions! It's one highlight after another here: "Walk On The Water", "Morning Dew" (also covered, perhaps better, by Episode Six), "It'll Be Me" (giving Jerry Lee Lewis a run for his money), "Kentucky Woman", "Higher And Higher", "Long Black Veil" (referenced in the lyrics of "Do Ya"), "Piece Of My Heart", "Going Back", "California Girls", and "The Christian Life". ...

01. You'd Better Believe Me 3.00
02. Night of Fear 2.23
03. Stop, Get a Hold of Myself 2.35
04. Kilroy Was Here 2.40
05. Walk Upon the Water 3.04
06. I Can Hear the Grass Grow 3.17
07. Morning Dew 2.42
08. Flowers in the Rain 2.20
09. So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star 2.55
10. Stephanie Knows Who 2.32
11. Cherry Blossom Clinic 2.26
12. Hey Grandma 3.04
13. Fire Brigade 2.17
14. Weekend 1.52
15. It'll Be Me 2.32
16. Useless Information 2.46
17. Kentucky Woman 2.28
18. Higher and Higher 3.09
19. Long Black Veil 2.53
20. Wild Tiger Woman 2.33
21. Piece of My Heart 3.03
22. Blackberry Way [Outtake] 3.08
23. Going Back 2.50
24. California Girls 3.08
25. Christian Life 2.02

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