Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wailers - Wailers Wailers Everywhere (1965)/Out of Our Tree (1966)

Formed: 1958
Disbanded: 1969
Genres: Rock
Instrumental Rock, Rock & Roll

Major Members: Kent Morrill, Buck Ormsby, Mike Burk, Rick Dangel

Representative Albums: "The Fabulous Wailers at the Castle/The Wailers and Co.," "The Fabulous Wailers at the Castle," "The Fabulous Wailers"
Representative Songs: "Dirty Robber," "Tall Cool One," "Out of Our Tree"


The historical importance of the Wailers is undeniable. They were one of the very first, if not the first, of the American garage bands. Backing Rockin' Robin Roberts, they revamped an obscure R&B song called "Louie Louie" into a 1961 local hit that served as the prototype for the countless subsequent versions of the most popular garage song of the '60s. And their stomping, hard-nosed R&B/rock fusion inspired the Sonics, who took the Wailers' raunch to unimaginable extremes. While they anticipated the British Invasion bands with their brash, self-contained sound, their inability to write first-rate original material, as well as their rather outdated sax and organ-driven frat rock, put them in a distinctly lower echelon. As the decade progressed, the group did absorb mild folk-rock and psychedelic influences without great effect, either commercially or on their sound itself. ~ Richie Unterberger, (All Music Guide)

01 You Better Believe It 2:17
02 Do You Wanna Dance 2:00
03 The Wailer 2:24
04 Tomorrow's Another Day 3:05
05 Just a Little Bit Louder 2:44
06 Hold Back the Dawn 2:07
07 Tears 2:27
08 Since You Been Gone 2:16
09 How Do You Feel 2:20
10 I Think of You 2:29
11 Don't Take It So Hard 2:14
12 Ya Ya 2:28
13 You Weren't Using Your Head [*] 2:15
14 Back to You [*] 2:16
15 Hang Up [*] 2:19
16 Livewire [*] 2:17
17 All My Nights, All My Days [*] 3:08
18 Out of Our Tree 3:32
19 Mercy Mercy 2:49
20 Hang on Sloopy 3:36
21 I'm Down 2:30
22 Unchained Melody 4:42
23 Baby Don't You Do It 4:00
24 Dirty Robber [Version 4] 2:39
25 I've Got Me 2:08
26 Summertime 5:07
27 Little Si
sters 2:00
28 Hang Up [Version 2] 2:26
29 Bama Lama Bama Loo 2:25
Wailers Wailers Everywhere (1965)/Out of Our Tree (1966)

In 2003, Big Beat UK released Wailers Wailers Everywhere/Out of Our Tree, which contained two complete albums -- Wailers Wailers Everywhere (originally released in 1965 on Etiquette) and Out of Our Tree (1966, also originally on Etiquette) -- by the Wailers on one compact disc.


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