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The Easybeats - Easy (1965)


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The Easybeats 

Stevie Wright - vocals
Harry Vanda - guitars
George Young - guitars
Dick Diamonde - bass
Snowy Fleet - drums (1964-1967)
Tony Cahill - drums (1967-1969)

The Easybeats were a rock and roll band from Australia. They formed in Sydney in late 1964 and split at the end of 1969. They are widely regarded as the greatest Australian pop band of the 1960s and were the first Australian rock and roll act to score an international pop hit with their classic 1966 single "Friday on My Mind". [A year earlier Australia's folk-pop group, The Seekers, had international hits in 1965.] The Easybeats manager was former Sydney real estate agent, Mike Vaughan.

The band's line-up exemplified the influence of post-war migration on Australian society. All five founding members were from families who had migrated to Australia from Europe: lead singer Stevie Wright and drummer Gordon Henry "Snowy" Fleet were from England; rhythm guitarist George Young was from Scotland; lead guitarist Harry Vanda and bassist Dick Diamonde were from The Netherlands.

 The Easybeats occupy a unique place in the pantheon of 1960s British rock acts. For starters, they were Australian, except that they really weren't -- they met in Sydney alright, and being based in Australia with the talent they had gave them a leg-up over any of the local competition. But lead singer Stevie Wright originally came from England (although he'd been in Australia for some years), and bassist Dick Diamonde hailed from the Netherlands, as did guitarist Harry Vanda, while the others, guitarists George Young and drummer Gordon "Snowy" Fleet, were recent arrivals from Scotland and England -- most significantly, Fleet was Liverpool born and raised, and had been a member of ... Read More...
(SP) The Easybeats:
1966 Come And See Her/Women (Make You Feel Alright)
1966 Friday On My Mind/Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
1967 Good Times

(LP) The Easybeats:
1965 Easy
1966 It's 2 Easy
1966 Volume 3
1967 Good Friday
1967 Friday on My Mind
1968 Vigil
1968 Falling off the Edge of The World
1969 Friends
1970 Easy Ridin'

(LP) Flash & The Pan:
1979 Flash and the Pan
1980 Lights in the Night
1982 Headlines
1983 Panorama
1984 Early Morning Wake Up Call
1988 Nights in France


Easy is a studio album by The Easybeats. The album was released in
September 23, 1965.

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