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VA - Psychedelic States - Alabama In The 60's, Vol.1 (2002)

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By this fifth installment, it had already become quite clear the logic that reissue label Gear Fab used to put together the CDs in its Psychedelic States series. The modus operandi entails recovering as many obscurities and unknowns as possible from the maw of the '60s on a regional basis and presenting them, for better or worse, to the public no frills. If rather more than fewer of the songs tend to lean toward the "for worse" side of the spectrum, so be it. Even the stinkers tend to be loveable in their hormonal, beetle-booted, eczematous mediocrity, instant time capsules to transport the listener to a halcyon rock era when virtually every suburban garage and Elks club came stocked with its own Beatles or Rolling Stones manqué no matter how remote or unlikely the region in which they were situated. In the case of this entry in the series, those garages were located in tumultuous Alabama, a hotbed for political turmoil during the era, yes, but not usually considered a haven for rock. With this album, though, Alabama teens quite famously make a case for their state. There are really no out-and-out lost classics here as on other Psychedelic States CDs, but the hack, adenoidal, insolent misses are actually fewer per capita than the intriguing-to-wonderful cuts (tracks by the Versatiles, the Rites of Spring, Randy & the Holidays, the Seeds of Time, and the Rockin' Rebellions are particularly worthwhile, if not all psychedelic), a nice flip-flop of prevailing States ratios. One can almost listen to the album clean through, a high recommendation indeed. More than the other CDs in the series, this collection has a heavy R&B and blues flavor, quite natural for music that originates in the Deep South, which perhaps accounts for its maintenance, for longer stretches of playing time, of a more distinct and gritty spunk. Finally, it should be said that Gear Fab provides the featured artists with compensation and credit, often for the first time. That in itself makes Alabama in the 60,s, Vol. 1 a worthwhile relic for those dedicated to the rock music of the era. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide
1. Cyclothymia
2. Your Love - The Yardleys,
3. Home at Last - Days of the Week
4. Green Knight - The Movement
5. I'm Leaving You - The Jerks
6. Midnight Gray - The Dedications
7. Comin' on Back to Me - Rites of Spring
8. Walkin' the Dog - The Tories
9. I Need You - The Stolen Children
10. Bye Tyme - The Changin' Tymes
11. Red Invasion - The K-Pers
12. Tell Her No - Sheffield's Gate
13. Judge and the Jury - Molly Judges
14. Can't You Stop It Now - Mixed Emotions
15. She Lied - The Bittersweet
16. Paul Revere 250 - Randy & the Holidays, Randy & the Holidays
17. Shadows of You - The Illusions
18. I Won't Have to Worry - The Lost Chords
19. She Can't Be Won - The Very-ations,
20. I'm Leaving Here - The K-Otics
21. Reflections of Charles Brown - Mickey Buckins, ,
22. She's Been Travelin' Around the World - Seeds of Time
23. Come Back to Me - The Mad Lads
24. Why Can't I Dream? - This Side Up
25. I'm No Good - The 5
26. By My Side - Rockin' Rebellions
27. Funny Kinda Day - Fox & the Huntahs
28. Gotta' Go Now - The 5c Stamp
29. Maybe Later - The O-Men & Their Luv
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