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The Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 1

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For a very brief time in 1964, it seemed that the biggest challenger to the Beatles' phenomenon was the Dave Clark Five. From the Tottenham area of London, the quintet had the fortune to knock "I Want to Hold Your Hand" off the top of the British charts with "Glad All Over," and were championed (for about 15 minutes) by the British press as the Beatles' most serious threat. They were the first British Invasion band to break in a big way in the States after the Beatles, though the Rolling Stones and others quickly supplanted the DC5 as the Fab Four's most serious rivals. The Dave Clark Five reached the Top 40 17 times between 1964 and 1967 with memorable hits like "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," "Because," and a remake of Bobby Day's "Over and Over," as well as making more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show than any other English act. The DC5 were distinguished from their British contemporaries by their larger-than-life production, Clark's loud stomping drum sound, and Mike Smith's leathery vocals. Though accused by detractors of lacking finesse and hipness, they had a solid ear for melodies and harmonies and wrote much of their early material, the best of which endured quite well. Interestingly, and unusually for that era, bandleader Dave Clark managed and produced the band himself, negotiating a much higher royalty rate than artists of that period usually received. After a couple years of superstardom, the group proved unable to either keep up with the changing times or maintain a high standard of original compositions, and called it quits in 1970.

Former members Dave Clark
Mike Smith
Lenny Davidson
Rick Huxley
Denis Payton


The Dave Clark Five (COLUMBIA, ЕР, 1963)
A Session With The Dave Clark Five (COLUMBIA, 1964)
Glad All Over (EPIC, 1964)
The Dave Clark Five Return! (EPIC, 1964)
American Tour (EPIC, 1964)
Hits Of The Dave Clark Five Five (COLUMBIA, ЕР, 1964)
Dave Clark Five With The Washington DC's (EMBER, 1964)
Coast To Coast (EPIC, 1965)
Weekend In London (EPIC, 1965)
Having A Wild Weekend (EPIC, 1965)
Catch Us If You Can (COLUMBIA, 1965)
Wild Weekend (COLUMBIA, ЕР, 1965)
Greatest Hits: 14 World Wide Million Sellers (COLUMBIA, 1965)
I Like It Like That (EPIC, 1966)
The Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits (EPIC, 1966)
Try Too Hard (EPIC, 1966)
Satisfied With You (EPIC, 1966)
More Greatest Hits (EPIC, 1966)
5 By 5 — Go! (EPIC, 1967)
You Got What It Takes (EPIC, 1967)
Everybody Knows (COLUMBIA, 1968)
14 Titles By The Dave Clark Five (COLUMBIA, 1968)
A Session With The Dave Clark Five (MFP, 1968)
If Somebody Loves You (COLUMBIA, 1970)
The Dave Clark Five's Greatest (COLUMBIA, 1970)
The Best Of The Dave Clark Five (COLUMBIA, 1970)
Good Old Rock'n'Roll (EPIC, 1971)
The Dave Clark Five (EPIC, 2 LP, 1971)
Plays Good Old Rock'n'Roll (MFP, 1975)
25 Thumping Great Hits (POLYDOR, 1978)
Best Of The Dave Clark Five (STARLINE, 1979)
Dave Clark's Time — The Album (1986)
Dave Clark Five With The Washington DC's (REPERTOIRE, CD, 1993)
Glad All Over Again (EMI, 1993)
Dave CLARK AND FRIENDS: Dave Clark AND Friends (COLUMBIA, 1972)

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    Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 1
    1 - Chaquita
    2 - In Your Heart
    3 - First Love
    4 - I Walk The Line
    5 - That´s What I Said
    6 - I Knew It All The Time
    7 - Glad All Over
    8 - All Of The Time
    9 - Stay
    10 - Chaquita
    11 - Do You Love Me
    12 - Bits And Pieces
    13 - I Know You
    14 - No Time To Lose
    15 - Doo Dah
    16 - Time
    17 - She´s All Mine
    18 - Mulberry Bush
    19 - Poison Ivy
    20 - Because
    21 - Thinking Of You Baby
    22 - Ol´ Sol

    1 - 6 Lp Ember
    7 - 17 Lp Glad All Over
    18 - 22 Sgs


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