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The Dave Clark Five - Complete vol. 8



If Somebody Loves You

Year Of Release: 1971

The Dave Clark Five had actually broken up a few months before this album appeared in the U.K. near the end of 1970, not even gaining American release. Its failure to appear in the U.S. might not solely have been due to the group's failure to land any big hits there since 1967, as it's not truly a proper album, but actually a collection of tracks from various sources that verges on a hodgepodge. More than half of the tracks had seen release on 1967-70 U.K. and/or U.S. singles, none of them substantial U.S. hits, though their cover of the folk-rock standard "Everybody Get Together" got to the Top Ten in Britain. In a weirder twist, the country twanger "I Am on My Own" had been released way back in 1965 on the American LP I Like It Like That, and the pretty exciting instrumental "Five by Five" certainly sounds like a mid-'60s outtake (though it had been used as a B-side in 1970). For the most part, though, the album collects bits and pieces from the era in which the DC5, to be blunt, became a pretty uninteresting band without many connections to their original style, other than Mike Smith's underrated soulful lead vocals. The songs explore various avenues of mainstream late-'60s British/early-'70s British pop, including "Yellow Submarine"-style whimsy ("Live in the Sky"); good-time music with Creedence Clearwater Revival and Beach Boys influences ("Here Comes Summer"); and soul-pop balladeering ("Julia" almost sounds like Procol Harum trying to go middle-of-the-road). But there aren't many good tunes, unless you count "Everybody Get Together," which was done much better by the Youngbloods on their U.S. hit version.

The Dave Clark Five and Friends

Year Of Release: 1972

In a little-known postscript to the Dave Clark Five's career, Dave Clark kept releasing records for a little while after the DC5 disbanded in 1970, using the billing "Dave Clark Five & Friends." Mike Smith, the most important member of the DC5 as its principal lead vocalist, was still on board for these recordings, but otherwise the "Friends" were other musicians who had not been in the Dave Clark Five lineup. The self-titled Dave Clark Five & Friends LP came out in the U.K. in 1972, but was never issued in the U.S., making it perhaps the rarest of all DC5-related albums. Like many LPs issued by the DC5 themselves, it's not a proper album, but a collection of tracks spanning several years that had often already seen release on singles. In some cases, in fact, they'd even been recorded and issued by the Dave Clark Five back in the late '60s; "Put a Little Love in Your Heart," "(If) Paradise (Was Half as Nice)," and "Bring It on Home to Me" had all been 1969 A-sides for the band in either the U.S. or the U.K. Filling out the album were five tracks that had already been issued on 1970-1972 singles, plus a few others. That's not the way to create a consistent musical groove, but a more serious flaw is that this just isn't Clark, Smith, or whatever group Clark was leading, at their best. There are too many run-of-the-mill covers in the circa 1970 mainstream rock style, including, as hard as it may be to imagine, Neil Young's "Southern Man" (as well as, in addition to the other covers cited above, Tommy James' "Draggin' the Line" and the Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs"). Some of the other material sounds a little like the harder edge of early-'70s AM radio pop, though not attached to memorable songs, with "One-Eyed, Blue-Suited Gum" and "Officer McKirk" being a little reminiscent of Mungo Jerry.

1 - 12 Lp If Somebody Loves You
13 - 20 Lp Dave Clark and Friends

01 - If Somebody Loves You
02 - It Ain´t What You Do
03 - Live In The Sky
04 - Five By Five
05 - Here Comes Summer
06 - How Do You Get To Heaven
07 - Everybody Get Together
08 - Julia
09 - Break Down And Cry
10 - Darling I Love You
11 - If You Wanna See Me Cry
12 - Worried Times
13 - Southern Man
14 - Bring It On Home To Me
15 - Signs
16 - Won´t You Be My Lady
17 - The Time Hase Come
18 - Officer Mc Kirk
19 - If You´ve Got A Little Love To Give
20 - Paradise Is Half As Nice

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