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The Troggs - Singles A's & B's (3-CD Box)



Reg Presley

Chris Britton
Pete Lucas
Dave Maggs

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troggs' discography

Lost Girl/The Yella In Me CBS 1966
Wild Thing/From Home Fontana 1966
With A Girl Like You/I Want You Fontana 1966
I Can't Control Myself/Gonna Make You Page One 1966
Anyway That You Want Me/66-5-4-3-2-1 Page One 1966
Give It To Me/You're Lying Page One 1967
Night Of The Long Grass/Girl In Black Page One 1967
Hi Hi Hazel/As I Ride By Page One 1967
Love Is All Around/When Will The Rain Come Page One 1967
Little Girl/Maybe The Madman Page One 1968
Surprise, Surprise/Marbles And Some Gum Page One 1968
You Can Cry If You Want To/There's Something About You Page One 1968
Hip Hip Hooray/Say Darlin' Page One 1968
Evil Woman/Sweet Madelaine Page One 1970
Easy Livin'/Give Me Something Page One 1970
Lover/Come Now Page One 1970
The Raver/You Page One 1970
Lazy Weekend/Let's Pull Together DJM 1971
Wild Thing (new version)/With A Girl Like You/Love Is All Around Jam 1972
Everything's Funny/Feels Like A Woman Pye 1972
Listen To The Man/Queen Of Sorrow Pye 1973
Strange Movies/I'm On Fire Pye 1973
Good Vibrations/Push It Up To Me Penny Farthing 1974
Summertime/Jenny Come Down Penny Farthing 1975
I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)/Memphis Tennessee Penny Farthing 1975
I'll Buy You An Island/Supergirl Penny Farthing 1976
Feeling For Love/Summertime Penny Farthing 1977
Just A Little Too Much/The True Trogg Tapes Raw 1978
Black Bottom/With You Stagecoach 1982
Every Litt1e Thing/Black Jack & Poker/With A Girl Like You(Picture Disc) Ten Records 1984
Wild Thing/From Home(re-release) Fontana 1991
Don't You Know/Nowhere Road
(With members of REM) Page One 1992
Wild Thing/Wild Thing (With Oliver Reed
& Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins) Lifetime Records 1992
Wild Thing (The Troggs with Wolf)
War (Edwin Starr with Shadow) IMT Weekend 1993


Wild Thing/I Can't Control Myself!/Love Is All Around/The Troggs Tapes DJM 1981
Every Little Thing (extended mix)/Every Little Thing/Black Jack & Poker Ten Records 1984
Wild Thing/+ Wild Thing re-mix x 2 (with Oliver Reed & Alex Hurricane Higgins) Lifetime Records 1992

This is the best compilation of the Troggs' singles available. It contains all their single A sides and a few B sides from their first single release in 1965, Lost Girl, to the mid 70s. Another positive is that all the songs are the original recordings, not re-recordings or remixes.All the hits, including Wild Thing, With A Girl Like You and Love Is All Around, are there along with the singles which failed to chart but some of which certainly deserved to be hits.This is recommended for all genuine Troggs fans.

Disc: 1 
1. Lost Girl
2. Yella in Me
3. Wild Thing
4. From Home
5. With a Girl Like You
6. I Want You
7. I Can't Control Myself
8. Gonna Make You
9. Anyway That You Want Me
10. 66 5 4 3 2 1 ( I Know What You Want)
11. Give It to Me
12. You're Lyin'
13. Night of the Long Grass
14. Girl in Black
15. My Lady
16. Hi Hi Hazel
17. As I Ride By
18. Love Is All Around
19. When Will the Rain Come
20. Little Girl
21. Maybe the Madman
22. Surprise Surprise
23. Marble and Some Gum
24. You Can Cry If You Want
25. There's Something About You
26. Hip Hip Hooray
27. Say Darlin'
28. Evil Woman
29. Sweet Madelaine
Disc: 2
1. Jingle Jangle
2. No. 10 Downing Street
3. That's What You Get Girl
4. I Don't Know Why
5. Easy Lovin'
6. Give Me Something
7. Lover
8. Come Now
9. Raver
10. You
11. Lazy Weekend
12. Let's Pull Together
13. Everything's Funny
14. Feels Like a Woman
15. Listen to the Man
16. Queen of Sorrow
17. Strange Movies
18. I'm on Fire
19. Good Vibrations
20. Push It Up to Me
21. Wild Thing [Reggae Version]
22. Summertime [Single Version]
23. Jenny Come Down
24. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
25. Memphis Tennessee
26. Peggy Sue
Disc: 3
1. I'll Buy You an Island
2. Gonna Make You
3. Supergirl
4. Get You Tonight
5. Feeling for Love
6. Just a Little Too Much
7. Coz We're Dancing
8. Fast Train
9. Black Bottom
10. I Love You Baby
11. Every Little Thing
12. Blackjack and Poker
13. Don't You Know
14. Nowhere Road
15. Every Little Thing [Extended Mix]
16. Baby's Back in Town [*]
17. Send Me No More Lovin' [*] - Chris Britton, Peter Staples, The Troggs
18. Carolyn [*] - Ronnie Bond
19. Anything for You [*] - Ronnie Bond
20. Lucinda Lee [*] - Reg Presley
21. Wichita Lineman [*] - Reg Presley
22. Young and Beautiful [*] - Reg Presley
23. 'S Down to You Marianne [*] - Reg Presley
24. Hey Little Girl [*] - Reg Presley
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