Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Newbeats-Big Beat Sounds by The Newbeats (1965)

Big Beat

Though the Newbeats' second album did have three minor hit singles ("Break Away (From That Boy)," "Hey-O Daddy-O," and "(The Bees Are for the Birds) The Birds Are for the Bees"), it didn't have anything on the scale of their huge previous hit "Bread & Butter." Otherwise, however, it was about on the same level as their debut LP (also titled Bread & Butter), surrounding the hits with some pretty desultory rock & roll oldies covers and album filler (much of it co-penned by Jay Turnbow and Larry Parks, the same songwriters responsible for "Bread & Butter"). It's a relic from that long-ago time when male singers could sing in screeching falsettos without a hint of embarrassment, though Larry Henley of the Newbeats is much more in the league of someone like Dick St. John (of Dick & Dee Dee) than bigger stars like Frankie Valli and Lou Christie. As for the non-hits here, the best of the lot is their respectable cover of Carole King and Gerry Goffin's "I Can't Hear You No More" (though that was done better by Betty Everett, Lulu, and Dusty Springfield). Nancie Mantz, later to co-write the Electric Prunes' "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)," co-authored the doo wop-style "Human Kindness." You've got to be a real diehard to sit through the yet-another-"Bread & Butter"-spinoff "Find Ya Somewhere Else to Eat Your Crackers," though, and in any case, all three of the hits, as well as "I Can't Hear You No More" and "Human Kindness," are included on the compilation The Very Best of the Newbeats. The album was reissued on CD as part of Ace's two-fer combining Bread & Butter with Big Beat Sounds, adding both sides of a non-LP 1966 single.

1. Newbeats - (The Bees Are For The Birds) The Birds Are For The Bees (2:10)
2. Newbeats - Baby Let's Play House (1:44)
3. Newbeats - Better Watch Your Step (2:00)
4. Newbeats - Break Away (From That Boy) (2:27)
5. Newbeats - Find Ya Somewhere Else To Eat Your Crackers (2:06)
6. Newbeats - Great Balls Of Fire (1:42)
7. Newbeats - Hey-O-Daddy-O (2:20)
8. Newbeats - Human Kindness (2:17)
9. Newbeats - I Can't Hear You No More (2:23)
10. Newbeats - Mother-In-Law (1:59)
11. Newbeats - Poison Pen (1:43)
12. Newbeats - The Natural (1:57)

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