Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peter & Gordon - The Best Of Peter & Gordon (1991)

                                   Biography                                 by Richie Unterberger
In June 1964, Peter & Gordon became the very first British Invasion act after the Beatles to take the number one spot on the American charts with "A World Without Love." That hit, and their subsequent successes, were due as much or more to their important connections as to their talent. Peter Asher was the older brother of Jane Asher, Paul McCartney's girlfriend for much of the 1960s. This no doubt gave Asher and Gordon Waller access to Lennon-McCartney compositions that were unrecorded by the Beatles, such as "A World Without Love" and three of their other biggest hits, "Nobody I Know," "I Don't Want to See You Again," and ... Read More...

01. A World Without Love (Lennon/McCartney, 1964) - 2:38
02. If I Were You (Asher/Waller, 1964) - 2:28
03. Nobody I Know (Lennon/McCartney, 1964) - 2:27
04. I Don't Want to See You Again (Lennon/McCartney, 1964) - 1:58
05. Love Me, Baby (Asher/Waller, 1964) - 2:13
06. I Go To Pieces (Shannon, 1964) - 2:20
07. True Love Ways (Holly/Petty, 1965) - 2:36
08. To Know You Is To Love You (Spector, 1965) - 2:34
09. Baby I'm Yours (McCoy, 1965) - 2:44
10. Don't Pity Me (Asher/Waller, 1965) - 2:47
11. Woman (McCartney, 1966) - 2:24
12. There's No Living Without Your Loving (Kaufman/Harris, 1966) - 2:58
13. Lady Godiva (Leander/Mills, 1966) - 2:23
14. Knight In Rusty Armour (Leander/Mills, 1966) - 2:35
15. The Flower Lady (Ochs, 1966) - 3:55
16. Hurtin' Is Lovin' (Asher/Waller, 1967) - 2:28
17. Sunday For Tea (Carter/Lewis, 1967) - 2:18
18. The Jokers (Leander/Mills, 1967) - 2:10
19. I Feel Like Going Out (Asher, 1968) - 2:39
20. You've Had Better Times (Waller, 1968) - 2:59
Though it's been outclassed by 2001's The Ultimate Peter & Gordon, Rhino's The Best of Peter & Gordon from a decade earlier is still one of the best collections of the British Invasion group's work. Along with their Lennon/McCartney-penned hits "A World Without Love," "Nobody I Know," and "I Don't Want to See You Again," it also features their other big singles "Go to Pieces," "Woman," and "Lady Godiva," as well as smaller hits like "The Jokers" and some album tracks and B-sides. While some of their more orchestrated songs, like their versions of "True Love Ways," "To Know You Is to Love You," and "Baby I'm Yours," sound a little stiff and dated, all of their early hits and many of their later songs still sound pretty fresh. In particular, "Knight in Rusty Armour" and the pretty folk of "The Flower Lady" have held up well, as has the mod psychedelia of "I Feel Like Going" and the brash "You've Had Better Times." While it's no longer the definitive single-disc Peter & Gordon collection, The Best of Peter & Gordon is still quite good, and its best songs are a welcome reminder of how the duo helped define the poppier side of the British Invasion.
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