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The Rapiers- -Return of the Rapiers (1991)

Brilliant 'Shadows' styled Rock'n'roll from The Rapiers ...

The Return Of The Rapiers (Fury, 1991)
The current line up of the Rapiers is Colin Pryce-Jones, lead guitarist, vocalist and founder member of the group, Dave Lawes, rhythm guitarist and vocalist who has been with Colin from the outset, Brad Dallaston, bass guitarist and John Tuck, drummer. As for their music The Rapiers champion Beat, Rock and Instrumentals from the pre-Merseybeat era, when those particular genres had reached their collective zenith. As Colin says, "Over the years we've tried to put together an act which is based on memories of the Fentones, the Shadows and early sixties bands like the Gladiators and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, rather than stylising purely on the Shadows. The band really relates to a period between '59 and '63." The Rapiers also specialise in other respects. They perform numbers which have long since lapsed into obscurity. They don't merely concentrate on big hits. There were many fine recordings issued during 1959-1963 which were either minor hits or chart failures. In this respect, The Rapiers are unearthing a veritable treasure trove of long lost classics and re-presenting them to a new audience.

Rob Bradford, 1991

Formed in the early eighties in the north of London, The Rapiers gained much influence and credibility for a sound that resemble a classic Merseybeat rock and roll sound like Cliff Richard and his backing group The Shadows. Led by singer Colin Pryce-Jones, the group performed in numerous venues in London and England before recording its 1983 debut EP effort, Vol. I, on Red Door Records.

Three more EPs followed from 1984 to 1986, with its first vinyl full-length being Straight To The Point in 1985 on Ace Records. Known for being a great live act, magazines such as The Face and New Musical Express reported on the group. In 1987, The Rapiers released its second album 1961 on Ace Records. Throughout this time though, the group became a supporting group for several British musicians, including Cliff Richard, Billy J. Kramer and Freddie Garrity. In 1991, the quartet released The Return Of The Rapiers on Fury Records. In 1994, Back To The Point was released to much praise. Guitarist Neil Ansby and bass player Brad Dallaston left The Rapiers, replaced by guitarist Wayne Nicholls and bass player Nathan John Hulse. The band released You'll Never Walk Alone With in 2000 and more touring ensured, including supporting Mike Berry. A greatest hits compilation was released in 2002. Spotlight On The Rapiers was released on Fury Records. The group plans to star as The Shadows in a touring British production titled "Cliff The Musical". In 2003, they released Return of ... and Back to the Point, followed by 1961 in December of 2005.

1. The Rapiers - Return Of The Rapiers (2:34)

2. The Rapiers - Move It Baby (2:30)

3. The Rapiers - Jack's Good (2:26)

4. The Rapiers - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (2:47)

5. The Rapiers - Breakfast At The Ace (3:59)

6. The Rapiers - The Feminine Look (2:00)

7. The Rapiers - Cuban Heel (4:21)

8. The Rapiers - Is It Her? (3:47)

9. The Rapiers - Jazz At Jones' (3:27)

10. The Rapiers - Choppin' And Changin' (2:21)

11. The Rapiers - Shadowland (3:27)

12. The Rapiers - Doing The Hully Gully (2:01)

13. The Rapiers - Early Morning Twist (2:34)

14. The Rapiers - (I Feel Like) I'm Losing You (2:49)

15. The Rapiers - Lynch Mob (2:57)
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