Friday, March 26, 2010

V.A. - Glass Menagerie :Pop, Psych, Pye collectables (1967-1969)

"An RPM Sounds of the '60s collection. Pop, pysch, Pye Collectables, 1967-1969. Including 10 tracks not available elsewhere. Concept is an A&B singles collection of interesting '60s records either rare or not found elsewhere on other compilations. Affording the avid collector an excellent and easy way to boost their library. Compiled with an ear to presenting a groovy listening programme, and further themed to focus largely on the late '60s trippier soft pop sounds."

2007 collection of rare and collectable Psych singles (A and B-sides) from the Pye Records vaults. The tracks contained on Glass Menagerie have not regularly appeared on compilations so this is a treat for the avid collector of late '60s Psych and trippy soft pop sounds. Features 22 tracks (11 singles) from The Glass Menagerie, Onyx, New Formula, Gentle Influence, Tony Crane and others.
1. She's a Rainbow - Glass Menagerie

2. But that's When I Started To Love Her - Glass Menagerie

3. Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane - Timon

4. Rambling Boy - Timon

5. Anonymous Mr. Brown - Tony Crane

6. His World - Tony Crane

7. Head For The Sun - Movement

8. Mr Man - Movement

9. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice - Glass Menagerie

10. Let's All Run To The Sun - Glass Menagerie

11. Riding A Wave - Turnstyle

12. Trot - Turnstyle

13. My Son John - Onyx

14. Step By Step - Onyx

15. Never Trust In Tomorrow - Gentle Influence

16. Easy To Love - Gentle Influence

17. Until My Baby Comes Home - New Formula

18. Burning In The Background of My Mind * - New Formula

19. Hot Smoke And Sasafrass - Mooche

20. Seen Through A Light - Mooche

21. Frederick Jordan - Glass Menagerie

22. I Said Goodbye To Me - Glass Menagerie
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