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Les Baroques - The Complete Collection(1965-68) Holland

One of the strangest and best Dutch bands of the mid-'60s, Les Baroques always seemed out of sync with the real world. They had a French name, a lead singer with an obviously anglicized pseudonym (Gary O'Shannon, real name Gerard Schoenaker), and played R&B-tinged pop/rock with odd streaks of European folk tunes and corny orchestral arrangements. Their reputation hinges chiefly upon their first four singles and self-titled 1966 LP, all recorded with O'Shannon before the singer left the group at the end of 1966. At his best, O'Shannon could sound like a less polished, neurotic version of Van Morrison, delivering songs that, like much Dutch beat of the mid-'60s, were sullen and minor-keyed. Les Baroques took this moodiness to extremes, however, in cuts like "Silky" and "Summer Beach," which had a dreamlike sheen and forlorn, doomed atmosphere. At other times, they espoused an earthier, R&B-based sound more in line with some British groups of the time, especially in the sharp organ riffs; "She's Mine" closely approximates Them's ballads, while "O, O, Baby Give Me That Show" is a good Animals clone.


Frank Muyser (guitar, mouth organ, saxophone)
Gerard Schoenaker (vocals)
Hans van Emden (guitar)
Raymond van Geytenbeek (vocals, drums)
René Krijnen (keyboards)
Robin Muyser (bass)
Bart Terlaak (drums)
Ferdi Karmelk (guitar, vocals)
Jan Dankmeijer (bass)
Michel van Dijk (vocals)

"Such a Cad," a weird punky number that was, like several of their 45s, embellished with bassoon fills, was a big Dutch hit in 1966. But after one more fine single, the typically inscrutable "I'll Send You to the Moon," O'Shannon had to leave the band for military service. Les Baroques did continue for five more singles and a second LP with Michael Van Dijk as lead singer, but it wasn't the same, although the first two singles with this lineup, "Working on a Tsing Tsang" and "Bottle Party," were acceptably twisted pop numbers.
Группа образовалась в 1959 году в городке Baarn,в Голландии и выступала под названиями Modern Teenage Quartet и Hurricane Combo. В 1965 году они меняют название на Les Baroques и записывают несколько неплохих синглов. В начале 1966 года сингл ''Such a Cad''попадает в top 40 Голландии,а через два месяца ''I Know'' возглавляет чарт и становится самым известным хитом группы.

Группа в это время играет американский garage punk с фузующей гитарой и отличным органом. Осенью 1966 года выходит первый одноименный альбом группы и призван в армию певец Gerard Schoenmakers. Альбом возглавил голландский хит-парад и был популярен в Германии,Бельгии и ещё некоторых европейских странах.
А в группе начались проблемы с составом,в составе прошло за два года более 15 человек. Постоянные смены привели к изменению стиля группы-попсовый фолк-рок заставил отвернутся от группы поклонников (в 1967 году вышел второй и последний альбом группы -Barbarians With Love) и в 1969 группа распалась. Оставшиеся участники образовали группу ISLAND.


1. Les Baroques - Silky (2:49)

2. Les Baroques - My Lost Love (1:53)

3. Les Baroques - Such A Cad (2:36)

4. Les Baroques - Summerbeach (2:40)

5. Les Baroques - I Know (2:33)

6. Les Baroques - She's Mine (3:00)

7. Les Baroques - I'll Send You To The Moon (2:32)

8. Les Baroques - I Was Wrong (2:04)

9. Les Baroques - Real Love (2:04)

10. Les Baroques - Frankie's Blues (2:41)

11. Les Baroques - Troubles (3:38)

12. Les Baroques - Too Long (2:42)

13. Les Baroques - O,O, Baby Give Me That Show (2:34)

14. Les Baroques - My Destiny (2:19)

15. Les Baroques - Cascard (2:24)

16. Les Baroques - Why Did She Go (2:53)

17. Les Baroques - Too Shy To Say Hello (2:53)

18. Les Baroques - Girls Enough (2:00)

19. Les Baroques - Silky (Album Version) (2:53)

20. Les Baroques - I Know (Mono Version) (2:30)
1. Les Baroques - Working On A Tsjing-Tsjang (2:20)

2. Les Baroques - Drammaker (2:53)

3. Les Baroques - Bottle Party (2:43)

4. Les Baroques - Bread (2:11)

5. Les Baroques - Love Is The Sun (2:13)

6. Les Baroques - I Dreamed My Dreams Away (2:22)

7. Les Baroques - A New Girl Cross The Street (2:52)

8. Les Baroques - For You (2:30)

9. Les Baroques - We're Both To Blame (2:11)

10. Les Baroques - Barbarians With Love (2:37)

11. Les Baroques - Hold On To Me (2:39)

12. Les Baroques - Oh, Look How Sweet (2:51)

13. Les Baroques - The Way You Do The Things You Do (2:57)

14. Les Baroques - I'm Coming Home Baby (4:43)

15. Les Baroques - I Want To Tell You (2:35)

16. Les Baroques - Indication (2:30)

17. Les Baroques - When You're Feeling Good (2:27)

18. Les Baroques - Without Feeling, Without Mind (3:11)
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