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The Beat Merchants - The Beats Go On

The Beat Merchants were a talented British band of the early '60s who were equally adept at generating mainstream British pop/rock in the manner of the Roulettes and the Searchers or hard-driving bluesy rock & roll in the manner of the Rolling Stones and the Small Faces.

 Yet apart from their debut single, "Pretty Face" -- which made it to number 44 on the British charts -- they never made any commercial impression on audiences in England or America. They started life as a Shadows-influenced instrumental group from England's south coast called the Hustlers, consisting of guitarist Ralph Worman, bassist Geoff Farndell, rhythm guitarist Gavin Daneski... Read More...


- Peter Toal - vocals (1963)
- Chris Boyle - vocals (1963-65)
- Gavin Daneski - guitar, harmonica, vocals
- Geoff Farndell - bass, vocals
- Ralph Worman - guitar (1962-65)
- Les Rogers - drums (1962)
- Vic Sendall - drums (1962-66)
- Rick MacEvoy - guitar (1965)
- Alan Piggott - guitar (1965-66)

01. Pretty Face (Boyle, Daneski, Farndell, Worman, Sendall) - 1:53

02. Was Before (Farndell) - 2:52

03. Hippy Hippy Shake (Romero) - 2:40

04. Moanin' (Timmons, Hendrix) - 3:12

05. All She Wants Is Me (Daneski, Farndell) - 3:16

06. Reasons (Farndell) - 3:01

07. Talkin' About You (C.Berry) - 2:23

08. So Fine (J.Gribble) - 2:45

09. On A Summer Day (Daneski, Farndell) - 2:04

10. She Said Yeh (Jackson, Bono) - 2:24

11. Come On & Tell Me (Daneski) - 2:03

12. Fortune Teller (Ballard, Vance) - 2:30

13. So Fine (#2) (J.Gribble) - 2:44

14. Pretty Thing (E.McDaniel) - 2:25

15. What Have I Done (Daneski, Farndell) - 2:44

16. Messin' With The Man (M.Morganfield) - 2:13

17. Does It Show (Farndell) - 2:23

18. Rich Girl (Farndell) - 2:06

19. Not Guilty (Farndell) - 2:52

Listening to this 19-song compilation of official singles and demo tracks by the Beat Merchants, one just wants to ask, "What the hell went wrong?" Based on these sides, these guys had it all, a distinctive guitar attack, nicely coarse vocals, and a ton of collective charisma, but they never made it as a recording act. Whether they're engaging in Beatles-like balladry ("Was Before") or going head-to-head with the Rolling Stones on Muddy Waters' "Messin' With the Man," the Beat Merchants were making entertaining, exciting, and interesting records; even "Does It Show," a sub-Who hard rock ballad, is utterly diverting, and the best of the cuts here, "Pretty Face," "Moanin'," "Reasons," "So Fine," "On a Summer Day," "Pretty Thing," and "Not Guilty" -- the latter a sneering punk anthem from very late in their history, which shows they still had what it took as players and songwriter in 1966, without a recording contract to their names -- are as good as any archival releases by the Yardbirds and the Kinks et al.
Будущая группа The Beat Merchants была создана в Horsham (графство Sussex) в 1962 году под названием Hustlers или Peter & the Hustlers. Состав: Ralph Worman - лидер-гитара, его двоюродный брат Geoff Farndell - басs, Gavin Daneski - ритм-гитара и Les Rogers - ударные. Всем им было тогда 14-16 лет. Играли инструментальную музыку в стиле The Shadows. Затем их ударник попал в автокатастрофу, и они пригласили Vic Sendall из другой местной группы, Texans, а также взяли вокалиста Peter Toal. Затем певец Chris Boyle (также из Texans) заменил Pete Toal, эмигрировавшего в Австралию (группа стала называться The Beat Merchants). Группа была талантлива и легко выиграла конкурс National Boys' Club в Брайтоне с песнями Come On (Чак Берри) и Bo Diddley. Были совместные туры с Applejacks, Honeycombs, Lulu и Gene Vincent. Но вот с записями им не повезло - было выпущено всего два сингла (по одному в 1964 и 1965) - Pretty Face/Messin' With the Man и So Fine/She Said Yeah. Кстати, So Fine достигла 1-го места в чартах США, когда вышла там на B-стороне сингла Freddie & the Dreamers "You Were Made For Me". Затем Ralph Worman также решил эмигрировать - но в Канаду, и оставил группу в 1965 году. Энтузиазм молодых людей пропал (было им тогда лет по 18-20), повлюблялись, поженились, и ушли из шоу-бизнеса. Потом Farndell, Daneski и Sendall пытались создать новую группу (в 1968 - Permissive Society), но она как-то не прижилась. На этом диске записано всё, что смогли найти. Записи - моно, первоначальное качество некоторых треков оставляет желать лучшего.~ ( )
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