Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Brotherhood (Ex-Paul Revere & Raider)- 1St (1968)

"...At a performance outside Boise in 1963, Revere invited the Surfers to open the show, during which Raiders drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith sat in. When Revere’s guitarist left, he offered the job to Levin, and Volk soon followed him into the Raiders.

The group relocated to Portland, Ore., looking to build on its regional following. Revere and the Raiders recorded Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” a week before it was put on tape by another Portland band, the Kingsmen, whose version became a national hit and established it as one of the quintessential songs of what came to be known as “garage rock.”

Levin’s guitar work came to the fore in “Just Like Me,” a gloriously sloppy number with a chord progression and overall sound similar to “Louie Louie” that reached No. 11 in early 1966.

Levin, Volk and Smith left the Raiders in 1967, leaving behind Revere and lead singer Mark Lindsay, and formed a group the Brotherhood. By the time the Raiders landed their only No. 1 hit, “Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian),” in 1971, Levin was long gone.

1. Brotherhood - 01- Somebody (3:15)

2. Brotherhood - 02- Woman Unkind (2:11)

3. Brotherhood - 03- Pastel Blue (2:30)

4. Brotherhood - 04- Close The Door (2:51)

5. Brotherhood - 05- Doin' The Right Thing (The Way) (3:14)

6. Brotherhood - 06- Seasons (5:03)

7. Brotherhood - 07- Love For Free (3:18)

8. Brotherhood - 08- Lady Faire (2:03)

9. Brotherhood - 09- Ice Cream (3:09)

10. Brotherhood - 10- Jump Out The Window (3:03)

11. Brotherhood - 11- Box Guitar (3:27)

12. Brotherhood - 12- Forever (4:11)
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