Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Fallen Angels - The Fallen Angels (1968)

The Fallen Angels hailed from Washington, D.C., an area that in the mid-'60s was a breeding ground for rock bands and where such artists as Jim Morrison (the Doors), Roy Buchanan, Mama Cass Elliot, EmmyLou Harris, and many more got their start. The Fallen Angels were formed in 1966 and recorded two LPs for the Roulette label.

Both of the albums have been re-released on separate CDs as The Roulette Masters, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. The music of the Fallen Angels was aimed for a pop audience as the label was trying to repeat the success of its major act, Tommy James & the Shondells. It proved that the Fallen Angels were much to "far out" for the commercial radio audience, and despite good sales of the first album, the band was dropped by their label after recording a second album entitled It's a Long Way Down. Both albums remain prime examples of psychedelic pop music which many band's in the late 90s are trying to copy.

01. Room at the Top

02. Love, Don't Talk to Strangers

03. Your Friends Here in Dunderville

04. I've Been Thinking

05. It Might Be Easier to Stay Home

06. Most Children Do

07. Introspective Looking Glass

08. I Don't Want to Fall

09. No Way Out

10. Painted Bird

11. Your Mother's Homesick Too

12. You Have Changed
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