Friday, April 9, 2010

The Skuns - Gettin' started (1968)

Originally a Milwaukee rock'n'roll combo called The Bonnevilles, they got the British Invasion bug and adopted the name, and hairstyle of, Skunks. Their debut 45 was recorded during a brief period in California but was released as by the Unbelievables, possibly because they caught the whiff of other Skunks around at the same time (one such had a 45 in 1965 - Youthquake / A Girl Like You, on Mercury).

The album is a patchwork of disparate styles - from pop covers and crooners to folk-rockers (the Byrds-like I Need No One). They do venture into garage and psych territory so the highlights, from our viewpoint, are a cover of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody To Love (with psychedelic guitar work), When I Need Her (good punk-psych) and The Journey (chiming folk-rock tinged with psychedelia).
1. The Skunks - Elvira (2:19)

2. The Skunks - The Journey (2:18)

3. The Skunks - It's Only Love (2:30)

4. The Skunks - When I Need Her (3:25)

5. The Skunks - I Need No One (2:07)

6. The Skunks - The Night Before (2:35)

7. The Skunks - Little Angel (1:55)

8. The Skunks - It's Too Late (3:33)

9. The Skunks - Knock On Wood (2:36)

10. The Skunks - Somebody To Love (2:27)

11. The Skunks - Watch To Flowers Grow (3:34)

12. The Skunks - I Belive (1:45)
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