Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Sonic - Sonic Original English Beat Company (1969)


THE SONIC (Center GER LP 17059 ST, 1969)
This is one of the oddest releases a British rock/beat album done in a style that was perhaps out of fashion when this came out, 1969...

"...The Sonic is a quartet of two English and two Scotch 20-something guys: Mike, Brian, Ray & Joe. Maybe they tried follow the Beatles success recording and touring in Germany, but who knows whatever happened to them? Most (if not all) songs are covers: Mars Bonfire's Born To Be Wild (made famous by Steppenwolf), the Beatles' Get Back, Neil Diamond's Kentucky Woman etc., also a cover of soul tune She's Looking Good of Rodger Collins..." ~ quoting from Magic Purple Sunshine

01 - Everlasting Love

02 - Mr. Bus driver

03 - I See The Light

04 - Most Likley You'll Go Your Way And I Go Mine

05 - Born To Be Wild

06 - Kentucky Woman

07 - She's Looking Good

08 - Get Back

09 - My World

10 - Elevator

11 - Reservations

12 - Hush
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