Monday, April 26, 2010

The Tremeloes - BBC Sessions

The band started in 1958 in Barking, Essex, UK. The line up was: Brian Poole (vocal), Dave Munden (drums + vocal), Alan Blakley (rhythm guitar + vocal), Alan Howard (bass guitar), Graham Scott (lead guitar). They had minor hits with "Twist Little Sister" and "Blue".

It's difficult for anyone who has heard them not to like -- or even love -- the Tremeloes. They were one of the more prodigiously talented British pop/rock bands of the 1960s, and they threw that talent into the making of amazingly catchy and well-crafted singles that lit up the charts and radio on both sides of the Atlantic for four years running, from 1966 through 1970. Their version of "Twist and Shout" managed to rise to number four on the English charts, despite running up head-to-head with the Beatles' recording. Their next record, a cover of the Contours' hit "Do You Love Me," was a classic of the era, an honest, authentic-sounding screamer of a single that hit number one in England once the Beatles' "She Loves You" vacated the spot, and managed to eclipse a rival version by the Dave Clark Five. In its wake, Brian Poole & the Tremeloes managed a series of respectable, even occasionally inspired hits over the next two years, including a U.K. Top Ten cover of Roy Orbison's "Candy Man" and a convincingly raucous rendition of the Strangeloves' Bo Diddley-beat-driven anthem "I Want Candy." Yet, the Tremeloes are also one of the least known and least respected of 1960s English bands. The precise reason for the lack of respect is difficult to pin down, except perhaps that their timing was out, as far as making the most of their success -- they generally didn't write their own material, and they cut their best singles long after the British Invasion (and the mystique surrounding the bands that were part of it) had ended. And, yet, ironically, the Tremeloes are also one of the longest surviving English rock & roll bands, still playing regularly more than 40 years after the group's founding. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Disc 1:

Good Day Sunshine
What A State I'm In
Here Comes My Baby
Run Baby Run
Too Many Fish In The Sea
Silence Is Golden
I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing
It Takes Two
Even The Bad Times Are Good
Running Out
Be Mine
Come On Home
Reach Out I'll Be There/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
Norman Stanley James St Clare
Gimme Little Sign
Suddenly You Love Me
Walk Away Renee
Ain't Nothing But A House Party
Helule Helule
My Baby Left Me
Sing Something Swingle

Disc 2:

I Will See You There
Angel Of The Morning
If You Think You're Groovy
My Little Lady
I Miss My Baby
I Shall Be Released
Good Times
Hello World
En Tu Mondo
Once On A Sunday Morning
Proud Mary
Can't Turn You Loose
Call Me Number One
What Can I Do

Customer Reviews

The Tremeloes were once belittled as bubblegum mechants, now they're rightly revered as one of the most innovative and musical of the pure late 60s and early 70s pop bands. This double CD set fills in an important part of their history, with alternate versions of the hits from 'Here Comes My Baby' to '(Call Me) Number One', as well as several covers which they never released elsewhere, like 'It Takes Two', 'My Baby Left Me', and 'Walk Away Renee'. If you're a long-standing Trems fan, it's fun comparing these recordings with the studio ones, and as such it's the perfect addition to those recent Castle/Sanctuary CD reissues of the CBS back catalogue. As with those other reissues, the insert notes are extremely informative and first-class.

On this Tremeloes-CD you will find 3 songs written by Gilbert O'Sullivan in the late 60's; "Come on home", "You" and "What can I do". None of them have been hits of Gilbert, but they are typically O'Sullivan-songs and The Tremeloes have found a superb interpretation of them.
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