Monday, April 19, 2010

The Zipps - Be Stoned! Dig (1967)

Dutch freakbeat band the Zipps formed in Dordrecht, the Netherlands in the fall of 1965. Lead guitarist Peter Nuyten and drummer John Noce Santoro previously teamed in the Moving Strings, who issued a pair of singles on the Delta label before dissolving, while singer/guitarist Philip Elzerman and vocalist Jan Bek came to the Zipps lineup from the Beat Town Skifflers, and bassist Theo Verschoor tenured in the Twilights.

Bek quit the Zipps prior to the release of their debut single, "Roll the Cotton Down," issued in early 1966 on the Op-Art label; after signing to the Relax label, the group issued two more singles that year, "Chicks and Kicks" and "Beat and Poetry." Beginning with 1967's "Marie Juana" — a record which required significant lyrical revisions before Relax censors would agree to its release — the Zipps steered their garage-influenced sound towards psychedelia, and thanks in part to their hallucinatory light show, they earned the sobriquet "The Dutch Pink Floyd"; Elzerman openly espoused drug use in interviews, and stickers reading "Be Stoned! Dig: Zipps Psychedelic Sound" were distributed at live dates. After backing French pop singer Philippe Salerne on his singles "Elle" and "Venez Voir Comme On S'Aime," the group replaced Santoro with drummer Wim Klein, but after a December 1967 date in support of the Electric Prunes and the Soft Machine, the Zipps dissolved when Nuyten, Verschool, and Klein all announced their exit. Elzerman and Santororeformed the group in early 1968, adding guitarist Dick VisschersDick Visschers and bassist Ruud van Seventer for one final single, 1969's "When You Tell It, Tell It Well..!" The Zipps eventually disbanded for good, and in 1999, the Dutch label Pseudonym compiled all of their singles, the Philippe Salerne sessions, and a handful of live cuts for a retrospective titled Be Stoned! Dig: Zipps. In December 2001, a Zipps lineup consisting of Elzerman, Nuyten, Santoro, van Seventer, and former Heatwave keyboardist Janco Barut reunited for a hometown performance in Dordrecht; the following year, "Chicks and Kicks" was included on the second Nuggets box set.
1. The Zipps - Highway Gambler (2:10)

2. The Zipps - Roll The Cotton Down (2:44)

3. The Zipps - Kick And Chicks (3:13)

4. The Zipps - Hipsterism (3:09)

5. The Zipps - Beat & Poetry Part 1 (7:06)

6. The Zipps - Beat & Poetry Part 2 (7:42)

7. The Zipps - Marie Juana (3:16)

8. The Zipps - The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk (2:25)

9. The Zipps - When You Tell It, Tell It Well ..! (3:11)

10. The Zipps - Lotus Love (2:52)

11. The Zipps - Walking On This Road To Mine Town (2:47)

12. The Zipps - The Beer Hall Song (4:54)

13. The Zipps - Kicks And Chicks (3:37)

14. The Zipps - Avec De L'Italie (2:10)

15. The Zipps - Venez Voire Comme On S'Aime (1:32)

16. The Zipps - Lotus Love (2:57)

17. The Zipps - The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk (2:23)

18. The Zipps - Kicks And Chicks (3:14)

19. The Zipps - LSD 25 Interview (13:45)
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