Monday, May 10, 2010

The Grass Roots - All Time Greatest Hits

The Grass Roots achieved much of their success between 1967 and 1972, with one platinum album, two gold albums and a slew of charting singles to their name. Although they disbanded in 1975, a version of the band, Rob Grill and the Grass Roots was created in 1982 and performs to the present day.

The original Grass Roots was a moniker adopted in 1965 by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri in order to release folk-rock music, including “Where Were You When I Needed You”. The single took off but without a band to promote it, they subsumed another group, The Bedouins. But The Bedouins were not keen to continue in the folk-rock genre and all but the drummer abandoned Sloan and Barri. The album of the same name foundered without a band to promote it. Another group, The 13th Floor, was brought in and adopted the Grass Roots name. “Let’s Live for Today” was the first single from the newly assembled band. They had several hits during the years that followed but the line-up of the band changed several times and as they moved into the 70s, the hits fell away. By 1975 it was all over.

1. The Grass Roots - Let's Live for Today (2:49)

2. The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You (3:03)

3. The Grass Roots - Things I Should Have Said (2:32)

4. The Grass Roots - Midnight Confessions (2:46)

5. The Grass Roots - The River is Wide (2:41)

6. The Grass Roots - Bella Linda (3:06)

7. The Grass Roots - Lovin' Things (2:46)

8. The Grass Roots - Wait a Million Years (3:22)

9. The Grass Roots - Baby Hold On (2:40)

10. The Grass Roots - Heaven Knows (2:28)

11. The Grass Roots - Come On and Say It (2:31)

12. The Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes (2:39)

13. The Grass Roots - Two Divided By Love (2:38)

14. The Grass Roots - Glory Bound (2:37)

15. The Grass Roots - The Runaway (2:55)

16. The Grass Roots - Sooner or Later (2:40)

As a band the Grass Roots were always a shadowy bunch, a front for studio musicians and professional songwriters looking to get their songs on the radio. They scored 14 top 40 hits during their reign in the late '60s/early '70s and their hits were among the catchiest and most enjoyable of the AM radio era. "Let's Live for Today," "Midnight Confessions," "Bella Linda," "Two Divided by Love," and a slew of others are shameless pop made brilliant by multilayered harmonies and arrangements that liberally borrowed from folk-rock and R&B. The Grass Roots may have been product, but what great product. --Rob O'Connor

Product Description

This low-priced disc is far & away the best single-CD compilation ever issued of the Grass Roots' work, 16 chart singles covering every phase of their history, from 1966's 'Where Were You When I Needed You' (in its actual hit version) thru 'Let's Live for Today' & 'Midnight Confessions' to their last hit, 1972's 'The Runway.' Originally released in 1996. MCA.

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