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The Troggs - 3 albums

The Troggs -The Troggs - 1975
TheTroggs - Trogg Tapes - 1976
The Troggs - Au - 1989

The Troggs 1975 : R. Presley : vocals / R. Bond : drums / T. Murray : bass / R. Moore : electric guitar (+ P. Green : accoustic guitar )

In 1975 The Troggs were reunited again with Larry Page ( well known producer of The Kinks and The Troggs plus running the successful labels Page One and Penny Farthing ) - a move which further boosted their rejuvenation and yielded a brace of magnificent singles and two excellent ( if sadly underrated ) albums.

"Good vibrations" virtually defies description: an outrageous arrangement of one of rock's very icon , it deserved to have been a massive U.K. hit : but it was years ahead of his time !

"Full blooded band" is a long-forgotten Trogg original -a good-natured, humorous statement of exactly who and what the Troggs are all about : "...a beer sinkin' , hard drinkin' full blooded band ..." Selling the concept of a good night out, this is clearly a dig at the pretentiousness of mid-70's rock .In fact their 70's live set provides the bulk of the material here : R&B/R&R classics sit quite comfortably alongside Trogg originals - and their treatments of what are on the face of it well-worn chestnuts is unbelievable . They add a devastating freshness , vitality and validity to numbers like "No particular place to go" (one of my favorites) , "Got lovin' if you want it " and notably Peggy Sue - the latter is a remarkably brave effort and says a lot about the Troggs : who else would have the confidence to tackle something which Buddy Holly had personalised so comprehensively ? And the arrangement of "Wild thing" here will come as a surprise : a loping , reggae beat .
01 - I Got Lovin' If You Want It

02 - Good Vibrations

03 - No Particular Place To Go

04 – Summertime

05 – Satisfaction

06 - Full Blooded Band

07 - Memphis Tennessee

08 - Peggy Sue

09 - Wild Things
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar - Colin Fletcher (4) , Richard Moore (5)
Bass - Tony Murray
Drums, Whistle - Ronnie Bond
Lead Vocals - Reg Presley
Producer - Larry Page
Don't mistake the title of this album, The Trogg Tapes, for that 12-minute talking studio digression New Rose Records released (with no track listing) on The Troggs on 45's EP. Perhaps cashing in on that fun debacle's underground buzz, the band releases 11 tracks that are pure Troggs. With singer Reg Presley and late drummer Ronnie Bond on board, original producer/manager Larry Page puts together an exciting 1976 album which has a simple raw sound, perfect for the new wave. As Larry Uttal's Private Stock label couldn't do much with Blondie, this innovative disc went nowhere as well and the shame of it is that there's some great rock & roll in these grooves. Bassist Tony Murray and co-guitarist Colin Fletcher come up with a decent pop ballad in "After the Rain," while Rufus Thomas' "Walking the Dog" is so primitive that it is too bad the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith didn't get to hear it before they tracked the tune for their respective debut albums. The snarling guitars of Fletcher and Richard Moore create a wonderful platform for Reg Presley's distinctive grunts and growls. Sure, Marc Bolan was the visionary that Reg Presley is not, but with the Troggs having three Top 30 hits to Bolan's one in America, and with quality underground stuff like this, the band should have been able to do more than issue discs for a cult following. Producer Larry Page and guitarist Colin Fletcher come up with a great track in "Gonna Make You," while sea effects on "I'll Buy You an Island," courtesy of the English Channel, is the cool, earthy stuff that made the Troggs such an important fringe band. The back of the LP has a tape box à la the Velvet Underground's Peel Slowly and See, while the front has the group sitting in a mini-mountain of unspooled recording tape. Drummer Ronnie Bond is no longer with us, but he gets to sing the vocal on "Rolling Stone," one of two titles he co-writes with Tony Murray. There are only two Reg Presley originals here, but his attitude is everywhere, from the punk of "Rock 'N' Roll Lady" to the fine leadoff track "Get You Tonight." Had Private Stock saturated college radio with a collector's-item disc, say a colored vinyl 45 of "Get You Tonight," this excellent artifact would have had a fighting chance. It doesn't have the angst or abandon of the Sex Pistols'Never Mind the Bullocks nor does it have the pretension of some of the Clash's material; it's a consistent recording of a band doing what they do very well, and on that level it works just fine. ~ Joe Viglione, All Music Guide 
 01. Get You Tonight (2:48)

. 02. We Rode Through The Night (3:41)

 03. A Different Me (3:33)

4. 04. Down South To Georgia (3:48)

 05. Conna Make You (5:08)

 06. Supergirl (2:40)

 07. I'll Buy you An Island (4:29)

 08. Rolling Stone (2:13)

09. After The Rain (2:50)

 10. Rock & Roll Lady (3:03)

 11. Walking The Dog (4:10)

12. Feeling For Love (3:12)

The band found a sympathetic ear at French label New Rose in the 1980s, the label releasing 1982's Black Bottom LP and 1990's AU.

In 1991, the Troggs recorded Athens Andover, an eleven-song collaboration between themselves and three members of R.E.M.[4] It was recorded in the American band's hometown of Athens, Georgia, and was released in March 1992.[3]

The band attempted to capitalize on this new exposure with a couple of bizarre collaborations on new versions of "Wild Thing". In 1992 they teamed up with notorious drinkers Oliver Reed and Alex Higgins, with another version the following year featuring Wolf from the TV show Gladiators, which actually reached number 69 in the UK Singles Chart.[3]

The band's original drummer, Ronnie Bond, died in 1992. Dave Wright, another founding member, died on 10 October 2008.

1. The Troggs - There's always something there to remind me (2:53)

2. The Troggs - Strange movies (3:28)

3. The Troggs - What you doing here (4:31)

4. The Troggs - I can't control myself (2:58)

5. The Troggs - The Disco Kid versus Sid Chicane (3:39)

6. The Troggs - Wild thing (3:59)

7. The Troggs - Walking the dog (3:21)

8. The Troggs - Love is all around (3:24)

9. The Troggs - With a girl like you (2:57)

10. The Troggs - Maximum overdrive (2:55)
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