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V.A. - Kids Will Rock You (2003)


The kids are (Girls) Jared, Georgia, Jessica, Emily, Christina, Lauren MC, Lauren MO (Boys) Andre, Mark, Africa, Nick, Matthew, Benedict, Charles
Roger Taylor, drummer for Quen, has made a record Kids will Rock You which includes two songs in French. Among the backing group are Lauren McConnell, 12, of East Grinstead and Matthew Short, , from Basingstoke. The pair worked for five days during which they also made a promotional video.


Previously released in France in 2003 with a different sleeve, Kids We Will Rock You has now been released in the UK.

2003 – Compilation France  – Kids Will Rock You

1. We Will Rock You / Brian May (Queen)

2. I love Rock’n Roll / Jerry Mamberg, Allan Sachs

3. Walk This Way / Antony Perry, Steven Tyler

4. We Are The Champions / Freddie Mercury (Queen)

5. My Generation / Pete Townhend

6. Another Brick In The Wall / Roger Waters

7. Smoke On The Water / Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice

8. Satisfaction / M. Jagger, K. Richards

9. All Right Now / Fraser, Rogers

10. Yellow Submarine / John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney (Maclen Beatles)

11. Hey Jude / John Lenon, Paul Mc Cartney (Beatles)

12. School’s Out / M. Bruce, G. Buxton, A. Cooper, D. Dunaway, N. Smith

13. Wild Thing / C. Taylor

14. Hotel California / Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Don Shelder

15. Un Autre Monde / Jean-Louis Aubert (Telephone)

16. That’s The Way / Harry Casey, Richard Finch

This review is from: Kids Will Rock You (

We couldn't cope with Tumbletots or the Wheels on the Bus in the car anymore so this was our last hope.
It is children singing but it's great to hear your 4 year old singing we will rock you as she walks around. She sings Hey Jude beautifully. The only problem is we still haven't managed for her to make the progression to the original artists.

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