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Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Poison Ivy plus (1964)

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Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs were an Australian pop and rock group dating from the mid-sixties. The group enjoyed huge success in the mid-1960s, but split in 1967. They re-emerged in the early seventies to become one of the most popular Australian hard-rock bands of the period.

History Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs

The Aztecs were an Australian band that began life as the backup group to Billy Thorpe in 1964 but evolved into a blues-rock unit with Thorpe, Warren Morgan, and Gil Matthews among its members in the 1970s. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guid  


Vince Melouney [aka Vince Maloney] (lead guitar, vocals, 1963-65), Val Jones (rhythm guitar, 1963-64), John "Bluey" Watson (bass, 1963-65), Colin Baigent (drums, 1963-65), Billy Thorpe (vocals, guitar, 1964-76, 1977, 1993-95), Tony Barber (guitar, vocals, 1964-65), Col Risby (lead guitar, 1965-67), Mike Downes (rhythm guitar, vocals, 1965-67), Jimmy Taylor (piano, 1965-67), Teddy Toi (bass, 1965-67, 1973-75, 1976, 1977), Johnny Dick (drums, 1965-67, 1968, 1974), Tony Buchanan (saxophone, 1966-67), Mick Liber (guitar, 1968), Paul Wheeler (bass, 1968-73, 1993-95), Jimmy Thompson (drums, 1968-70), Lobby Loyde (guitar, 1968-70), Kevin Murphy (drums, 1970-71), Warren Morgan (piano, vocals, 1970-71, 1973-75, 1976, 1977, 1993-95), Gil Matthews (1971-76, 1977, 1993-95), Bruce Howard (keyboards, 1971-73), Derek Griffiths (lead guitar, 1975-76), John LeVine (keyboards, 1975-76), Billy Kristian (bass, 1975-76)

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs albums: Poison Ivy and Introducing ... Johnny Noble (split album shared with Johnny Noble, Linda Lee/Festival, 1964), Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs (EMI/Parlophone, 1965), The Best of Billy Thorpe (EMI/Parlophone, 1965), Don't You Dig this Kind of Beat? (EMI/Parlophone, 1965), Great Hits (compilation, Calendar/Festival, 1971), Gold (compilation, Atlantic, 1975), It's All Happening (compilation, Albert/EMI, 1981), Live at Sunbury (reissue of Aztecs Live! At Sunbury, Ultimate, 1989), 20 Greatest Hits (CD reissue of It's All Happening, Sony, 1994), Lock Up Your Mothers (box set, Mushroom/Festival, 1994), The Best of and the Rest of Lock Up Your Mothers (compilation, Mushroom/Festival, 1994), The Very Best of Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs (Mushroom, 1999); Aztecs albums: The Hoax is Over (Festival/Infinity, 1971), Aztecs - Live (Havoc, 1971), Aztecs Live! At Sunbury (Havoc, 1972), More Arse than Class (Atlantic, 1974), Steaming at the Opera House (Atlantic, 1974); Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy album: Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy (Atlantic, 1973); Billy Thorpe albums: The Billy Thorpe Rock Classics (compilation, M7, 1974), Million Dollar Bill (Festival/ Infinity, 1975), Pick Me Up and Play Me Loud (Festival/Infinity, 1976), Children of the Sun (Festival/ Interfusion/Capricorn, 1979), 21st Century Man (Mushroom/Festival, 1980), Time Traveller (compilation, Blue Goose, 1980), Stimulation (Mushroom/ Festival, 1981), East of Eden's Gate (US only, CBS, 1982). Children of the Sun . . . Revisited (US only, CBS, 1987).


Originally a four-piece instrumental group who had put out one surfing instrumental, "Smoke & Stack", they formed in Sydney in 1963. With the advent of the Merseybeat sound, they added a lead singer, Billy Thorpe. His powerful voice and showmanship (which made him one of the most popular and respected rock performers in Australian music), completed the original line-up, which consisted of drummer Col Baigent, bassist John "Bluey" Watson and guitarists Valentine Jones and Vince Maloney (who later played with The Bee Gees).Valentine Jones left the band shortly after Billy Thorpe had joined and was later replaced by Tony Barber. MORE...

Billy Thorpe

Billy Thorpe is one of the enigmas of Australian music, a man of many careers. It began in Brisbane when the young Thorpe was overheard by a television producer playing his guitar and singing at the back of his parents' Brisbane store. At the age of ten he was appearing regularly on Queensland television and appearing on the same stage as many of the top artists of the day. MORE...

01 - Poison Ivy

02 - Broken Things

03 - Blue Day

04 - You Don't Love Me

05 - Smoke And Stack

06 - Board Boogie

07 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

08 - I'm A Hog For You Baby

09 - Jenny Jenny

10 - What'd I Say

11 - That I Love

12 - Over The Rainbow

13 - Mashed Potato

14 - Lonely City
Thorpe died from a heart attack in Sydney on 28 February 2007.
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