Sunday, July 4, 2010

V.A.- Kicks : The Great Lost Australian 60s Pop Album

To generalize, when it comes to compilations of obscure '60s Australian rock, you're much better off if the collection has a garage-punk-oriented slant, rather than a pop bent. If, just for the heck of it, you want just one Australian '60s pop-rock anthology, this might be the one to look for. It's not that special, frankly, but it's pretty pleasant, with occasional highlights like the News' accomplished blue-eyed soul treatment of "S.O.S.," and the D-Coys' pounding beat rocker "You're Against," and the Playboys' tuneful pop-mod-psych on "Sad." Some of these are merely remakes of American records, though some of those U.S. releases were so little known that all but the most rabid collectors will be unfamiliar with the original versions. ~ Richie Unterberger

01 Kicks - The Librettos

02 Love Machine - Pastoral Symphony

03 Hide & Seek - Somebody's Image

04 Engagement Party - Nineteen 87

05 S.O.S. (Stop Her On Sight) - The News

06 Bad Reputation - The Executives

07 You're Against - The D-Coys

08 Everlasting Love - Town Criers

09 Western Union - The Strangers

10 One Day In Every Week - Procession

11 Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me - The Virgil Brothers

12 Katy Jane - Ronnie Charles

13 California My Way - The Iguana

14 Tweedelee Dee - The Avengers

15 Billy's Bikie Boys - Wickedy Wak

16 Sad - The Playboys

17 As A Boy - The Brigade

18 Not This Time - The Black Diamonds

19 Go Go Hula Hoop - The Familiars
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