Monday, August 9, 2010

The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter /Traffic Sound - Soul & Pepper /A Вailar Go-Go

Two Rarest Peruvian LP

Traffic Sound
Biographical background info :
Traffic Sound was formed from the brothers Jose and Freddy Rizo-Patron who came from the 1964 formed high school band Los Hang's Ten's, with vocalist Manuel Sanguinetti, and some ex-members from Los Mads, one of the first important Peruvian rock bands. Jean Pierre Magnet played sax and wind instruments, Willy Thorn keyboards, Willy Barclay bass and Lucho Nevares drums. The name of the band referred to a traffic light that was standing in their rehearsal room, that moved their after some wild night out. The band quickly became popular and had a strong sound, they were offered a release of in total 3 singles on Mag Records, mostly covers from Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Animals... but in different versions. They were sold out so quickly, so therefore they were compiled by their manager on a mini-LP called 'A Bailar Go Go". But it is especially their first intendedl LP, "Virgin" which is regarded as a masterpiece, and where they had developed their own style, with a remaining influence from mostly the British scene, and this time all with original tunes. This album and the group became very much in demand, and three different editions were printed. In late 1970 they recorded their self titled second (-or third if you count the early compilation as well-) album, keeping their style, but adding more maturity in the improvisation. In 1971 they had a tour in Latin America, showing their own identity of a new Latin American rock music style. After the tour they recorded 2 more singles, and late 1971 their last album, 'Lux' on Sone Radio, showing a different style. The group lasted until 1972.

Aká esta la banda peruana enkabezada por los hermanos Barreda, proveniente de The Shains. Grabaron dos diskos basikamente de kovers pero con interpretaciones de verdad magistrales y komo ya antes lo habiamos mencionado con una kalidad de sonido envidiable.

In 1966 a unique group was formed, Los Shain's.Their leader, Enrique Ego Aguirre, was one of the best electric guitar players in the country. One of the cofounders was Gerardo Rojas, a singer and composer that contributed with many new songs. The fist LP of this group was "El Ritmo de Los Shain's"."Los Shain's continued with two great LPs "Segundo Volumen" and "Docena Tres", both of them with a strong psychedelic influence. Also some of the members changed, this time they were reinforced by the Barreda Brothers, Juan Carlos in the electric bass and Carlos Manuel, who is now a professional musician in San Francisco, playing drums.
At the end of 1968 Los Shain's splited due to a disagreement on musical styles. Enrique Ego Aguirre retained the name of the group, found new members and recorded "Los Nuevos Shain's" . Gerardo Rojas, Beto Tataje, Freddy Macedo, Juan Carlos and Carlos Manuel Barreda formed a new group, The (St.Thomas) Pepper Smelter, and recorded "Soul and Pepper".

Ron Moore descriptions : "Los Shain's "Docena Tres" (68) : some psych shadings but overall the best of the garagy groups that never grew up.(best of both) Los Shain's "Segunda Volumen" (67) :high energy garage and surf guitar moves. South American bands at this time were still just imitating US and UK hit styles a couple years too late."

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