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The Guess Who - Shakin' All Over/Hey Ho! /It's Time (3 Classic Albums - 1 Great CD) 2003

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Aside from the magical garage rock classic of "Shakin' All Over"(originally recorded by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates) by The Guess Who, the other thirty one gems that make up this wonderful new collection are probably being heard for the very first time by many of their fans. In 1965, when the first rudiments of this superstar act were just beginning to soar into the American and Canadian charts with the smash single "Shakin' All Over", three Canadian only released albums would follow over the next few years. Friday Music is proud to be issuing these fantastic three albums on one new compact disc for the first time anywhere for your listening pleasure.

Their debut album Shakin' All Over includes some of the finest musicianship to ever be recorded in their homeland of Canada. Other tracks like "I've Been Away" and "Like I Love You" make this first effort a memorable one. A very pleasing half hour of Canadian Rock 60's style that has stood the test of time. Even to this day, The Guess Who still perform the title track in concert.

Hey Ho (What You Do To Me) continues The Guess Who's sojourn with an almost English Invasion approach, which works extremely well on songs like the harmonica laden "I Should Have Realized" and Randy Bachman's stellar instrumental "Made In England." A nicely balanced album with a surprising rendition of Bruce Johnston's five star ballad "Don't Be Scared." Rescued from vinyl oblivion, Bachman's remastering job really shines on this second effort.

A real find in this collection is the Canadian garage band classic It's Time. This amazing third chapter from this superstar band also introduced the world to the great voice of Burton Cummings. Along with founders Randy Bachman on guitar, the ever talented Jim Kale on bass and jazz rock drum style of Gary Peterson, these four gentlemen delivered some of the finest tunes ever with tracks like "One Day", the bluesy "Clock On The Wall" and the chain gang rock of "Seven Long Days." Never released on vinyl in the States, this newly remastered version should make a lot of Guess Who fans rejoice.

Shakin' All Over / Hey Ho (What You Do To Me) / It's Time were three definitive rocking chapters in the legendary career of The Guess Who. These recordings reveal a snapshot in Canadian musical history, never to be repeated again by anyone, but to be emulated by many. Their music is played on every classic rock and oldies station in the world, and fortunately for all of us, they continue to thrill crowds with their shopping list of number ones from multi-platinum albums recorded over the years. Now, you have your own eighty minute concert to enjoy courtesy of The Guess Who. Play it loud!

1. Guess Who - Shakin' all over (2:43)

2. Guess Who - Like I love you (1:59)

3. Guess Who - Till we kissed (where havo you been) (2:37)

4. Guess Who - Shy Guy (2:27)

5. Guess Who - Shot of Rhythm N' Blues (2:07)

6. Guess Who - I want you to love me (2:20)

7. Guess Who - I'd rather be alone (2:10)

8. Guess Who - I've been away (2:08)

9. Guess Who - Tuff E Nuff (2:33)

10. Guess Who - Turn around and walk away (2:30)

HEY-HO 1965

1. Guess Who - Hey Ho (2:09)

2. Guess Who - Don't be scared (2:12)

3. Guess Who - Goodnight Goodnight (2:30)

4. Guess Who - I should have realized (2:05)

5. Guess Who - Hurting each other (2:16)

6. Guess Who - Made in England (3:01)

7. Guess Who - I'll keep coming back (1:52)

8. Guess Who - Stop teasing me (2:35)

9. Guess Who - Could this be Love (2:08)

10. Guess Who - Theme from a Music Box (2:13)

IT'S TIME 1966
1. Guess Who - Alright (2:21)

2. Guess Who - One Day (2:01)

3. Guess Who - Gonna search (2:27)

4. Guess Who -  Guess I'll find a Place (2:24)

5. Hey Ho - And she's mine (2:40)

6. Guess Who -  As (2:23)

7. Guess Who - You know he did (2:03)

8. Guess Who - Baby Feelin' (2:00)

9. Guess Who - Clock on the Wall (3:01)

10. Guess Who - Don't act so bad (3:09)

11. Guess Who - Believe me (2:53)

12. Guess Who - Seven long Years (2:45)

Before the Guess Who became one of the top album rock acts of the '70s, they were a darn good British Invasion-influenced garage band. This set features the three records they made in the mid-'60s: Shakin' All Over, Hey Ho (What You Do to Me), and It's Time for the small Canadian label Quality. Most of the songs on the set are Beatles-inspired but not derivative. Chad Allan and Randy Bachman wrote strong melodies, and the band usually sounds inspired and full of verve. They would have been a fun band to see live, sure to have the kids on the dancefloor. Apart from the Beatles, the band jumps around, hitting all kinds of sounds like rockabilly ("Tuff E Nuff"), surf ("Made in England"), blue-eyed soul ("Hey Ho," "Hurting Each Other"), Motown ("Could This Be Love"), and pop balladry ("Turn Around and Walk Away"). Their version of "Shakin' All Over" is just as good as Johnny Kidd's original, by the way. The third album, It's Time, is the most successful as the band welcomed Burton Cummings into the band and toughened up their sound considerably, drawing more from garage rock than the British Invasion. Cummings' voice adds a new element of a commanding vocal presence on barnburning rockers like "Alright" and "Gonna Search" and moody ballads like "Seven Long Years" and "Clock on the Wall." Bachman wrote some great songs for the record too like the chiming folk-rocker "And She's Mine" and the wonderfully aching "One Day." This record alone makes the set worth purchasing for garage rock aficionados. That you can get all three records together makes it even better. It is a toss up between this and Sundazed's great Shakin' All Over collection. That one probably wins out due to the presence of two unreleased tracks and their fine cover of Buffalo Springfield's "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong." Still, you can't go wrong with either. ~ Tim Sendra, Rovi
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