Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Phinx - Sometimes (1968)

Unknown 60s garage band, who were once believed to be the Gants in disguise.

As part of his tax-scam activities, the legendary 'crazy cajun' Huey P Meaux reached into his vast vault of Texas '60s recordings and came up with a bunch of demos (?) from an obscure Houston group. Once assumed to be the Gants under an alias, this does feature a Gants cover ("My Baby Don't Care") which is the most garage-sounding thing here, unless you count the amusing "I Feel A Whole Lot Better" with altered, simplified lyrics and a long section where the guitar-break apparently went AWOL. All over a neat slice of circa 1967 organ/guitar teenbeat, given a weird twist by the tax scam angle. None of the tracks can be found anywhere else, and have never been reissued. Mediocre pressing but clean-looking, with a slight warp which does not affect play ~

1. The Phinx - you make me feel good (2:29)

2. The Phinx - it takes friends (2:36)

3. The Phinx - sometimes (2:23)

4. The Phinx - mama lou (2:34)

5. The Phinx - feel a whole lot better (2:13)

6. The Phinx - stormy weather (2:20)

7. The Phinx - my baby don't care (2:45)

8. The Phinx - never so right (2:35)

9. The Phinx - eve of destruction (2:16)

10. The Phinx - duke of earl (2:06)
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