Sunday, October 17, 2010

Masters Apprentices - Fully Qualified (2006)

CD featuring all the Classic Tracks by Australia's Own Legendary Masters Apprentices. They were Wild, They were Hungry, They were the Bad Boys of Australian Rock 'n' Roll. They were the Legendary Masters Apprentices, and Between 1965 and 1972 They Embraced Almost Every Trend in Pop Music, from Raw R&B and Psychedelic Pop to Full Blown Progressive Rock. This is the Story of How the Masters Propelled Themselves from the Garage to National Stardom.

Some would rate The Masters Apprentices as the Aussie Led Zep come Yardbirds. I would rate them as the Australian "Pretty Things" as both bands formed around the Mid 60's and started off as Wild boys playing fierce loud RnB during the Mid to late 60s, and then delivered top quality Hard Progressive Rock at the turn of the 70's. I will let you know that I loved the Pretty Things 1st 3 albums of the 70s (i.e. Freeway Madness/Savage Eye and Silk Torpedo) BUT I did'nt really care too much for their 60s RnB offerings which they so heavily rely on to this day. The same goes with TMA. Their 60s output featured on this CD will immediately remind you of all those 60s British Beat bands (Yardbirds/Pretty Things/Kinks/Stones etc). OK, they do it well, but as is usually the case, you will prefer one style to the other, and mine as I said was the Harder edged style of the 70s. I bought this CD as I only had their 70s CDs, and wanted some reminder in a "best of" offering of their earlier years. One thing the CD could have done though is feature some of their Blues covers they did from their re-union of the late 80's which feature on the compilation "Do what you wanna do" to give you a FULL picture (Fully qualified?). Finally, their is also the Fully QUalified DVD which as you would expect, also gives you the history of T.M.A. with numerous interviews with Band members past and present, and also features clips of Classic Tracks. Great! you say? Well! It would have been, but all the songs were cut to shreds. God! How lovely it would have been to see all those tracks UN-CUT. Here's hoping. Masters Apprentices are best known for the 2 songs "Because I love You" (That should have been a worldwide hit - PERIOD) and "Turn up your Radio", but songs like "Beneath the Sun" and "Love is" are 2 more that spring to mind which were/are sadly overlooked.~ By Paul Watson
      1. Masters Apprentices - Poor Boy (3:05)
      2. Masters Apprentices - Undecided (2:28)
      3. Masters Apprentices - Wars Or Hands Of Time (2:51)
      4. Masters Apprentices - Buried and Dead (2:39)
      5. Masters Apprentices - Living In A Child's Dream (2:42)
      6. Masters Apprentices - Elevator Driver (2:21)
      7. Masters Apprentices - But One Day (2:39)
      8. Masters Apprentices - Brigette (2:24)
      9. Masters Apprentices - Merry-Go-Round (2:43)
      10. Masters Apprentices - 5:10 Man (2:36)
      11. Masters Apprentices - A Dog, A Siren & Memories (3:11)
      12. Masters Apprentices - How I Love You (Instrumental) (3:12)
      13. Masters Apprentices - Think About Tomorrow Today (3:22)
      14. Masters Apprentices - Turn Up Your Radio (3:34)
      15. Masters Apprentices - Because I Love You (4:32)
      16. Masters Apprentices - Rio De Camero (3:20)
      17. Masters Apprentices - Easy To Lie (4:29)
      18. Masters Apprentices - Michael (3:53)
      19. Masters Apprentices - Death Of A King (3:37)
      20. Masters Apprentices - Our Friend Owsley Stanley 111 (3:25)
      21. Masters Apprentices - Song For A Lost Gypsy (2:58)
      22. Masters Apprentices - Love Is (4:13)
      23. Masters Apprentices - Thyme To Rhyme (2:40)
      24. Masters Apprentices - Wild, Wild Party (2:27)
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