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Kiki Dee - The Sixties Collection (2006)

Kiki Dee kicked around Britain as a white soul singer for the better part of the late '60s and early '70s -- even becoming the first British Caucasian signed to Motown -- before hooking up with Elton John, who signed her to his Rocket Records label and produced her first notable hit, "I've Got the Music in Me." In 1976, at which time John was the biggest pop star in the world, he wrote and duetted with Dee on the single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," which promptly topped the charts all over the world. It did not, however, make Dee a long-term star, though she scored a couple of subsequent hits in England and turned to the stage with some success, especially by starring in Blood Brothers in the West End. In 1993, she and John recorded another duet, on Cole Porter's "True Love" (previously recorded as a duet by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly).

This CD has been out for years, released by the ironically named MARGINAL RECORDS. It's taken from vinyl, and sounds okay. This " label " has issued dozens of unauthorized CD's that many think are legitimate releases. This will only do for someone who wants a CD to play . If you have Kiki's first 2 US albums - " PATTERNS " and " GREAT EXPECTATIONS " on vinyl, stick to that, and skip this bootleg with 1 page artwork. The cover is a reproduction of her " I'M KIKI DEE " UK LP, which was released as " PATTERNS " in the US. Sound quality is much better on the LP's. ~ gassy goon (

1. Kiki Dee - Excuse Me (2:10)
2. Kiki Dee - Sunshine (1:58)
3. Kiki Dee - Patterns (2:38)
4. Kiki Dee - With A Kiss (2:59)
5. Kiki Dee - When We Get There (2:41)
6. Kiki Dee - Why Don't I Run Away From You (2:37)
7. Kiki Dee - I (2:23)
8. Kiki Dee - We've Got Everything Going For Us (2:20)
9. Kiki Dee - I Dig You Baby (2:29)
10. Kiki Dee - Stop And Think (2:24)
11. Kiki Dee - I'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In) (2:43)
12. Kiki Dee - The Day Will Come Between Monday And Sunday (2:48)
13. Kiki Dee - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (2:17)
14. Kiki Dee - Jimmy (3:20)
15. Kiki Dee - I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You (2:23)
16. Kiki Dee - Oh Be My Love (2:48)
17. Kiki Dee - Love Makes The World Go Round (3:19)
18. Kiki Dee - Love Like A Warm Kind Of Sorrow (3:00)
19. Kiki Dee - For Once In My Life (3:04)
20. Kiki Dee - My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) (3:25)
21. Kiki Dee - I Second That Emotion (2:19)
22. Kiki Dee - I'll Try Something New (2:08)
23. Kiki Dee - On A Magic Carpet Ride (2:40)
24. Kiki Dee - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (2:28)
25. 25 - More Today Than Yesterday
26. 26 - There He Goes
27. 27 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
28. 28 - I Was Only Kidding
29. 29 - Early Night
30. 30 - How Glad I Am

While this is a decent collection of Kiki's Philips/Fontana and Motown recordings, it is by no means a complete collection, and all discs do not include track #30, Kiki's fantastic version of the Nancy Wilson classic "How Glad I Am" (Kiki's version is even better than Wilson's, and Kiki later re-recorded the song as a rock ballad during her tenure as Elton John's protege at Rocket Records in the 70's). This disc is a bootleg collection from Belgium with very good sound, and it is currently the only place to hear the Philips/Fontana material on cd. Hopefully now that Kiki is having a career renaissance and her fantastic 70's & 80's recordings are being re-issued, we will eventually see this material be repackaged. Until then, this is the best of what's there. ~ Christopher Todd Durnil 

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