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Freddie And The Dreamers- ANTOLOGY (5 albums)

Freddie & the Dreamers were the clowns of the British Invasion, playing their pop music for laughs while the other groups of the time were dead serious. Lead singer Freddie Garrity began playing in skiffle groups in the late '50s, switching to rock & roll in the early '60s. After the Beatles broke the American market wide open, Freddie & the Dreamers followed in the flood of acts that tried to duplicate the overwhelming success of the Fab Four. The group's hits were more numerous in the U.K. than in America, where they had only one Top Ten hit, the number one "I'm Telling You Now." As 1965 turned into 1966, the group stopped charting in the U.S. and the hits began to dwindle in the U.K.; by 1968 the original group disbanded. Garrity later assembled new versions of the Dreamers, and the group toured for two decades; however, Garrity's health began to decline and he became acutely ill on a plane from New York to Britain in 2001, reportedly due to emphysema. Subsequently often confined to a wheelchair, he died in Bangor, Wales, on May 19, 2006 at the age of 69.

Freddie & The Dreamers - Freddie & The Dreamers (1963)
by Bruce Eder
It says something about this album that it contains no producer's credit for the original recording, very unusual for an early-'60s EMI release. When it came out in 1963, the Freddie & the Dreamers album had a purpose of sorts, because there weren't too many LPs like it -- the Beatles had broken through in the late winter and spring with "Please Please Me" and the album of the same name, followed by With the Beatles in the fall, but there wasn't yet a lot of hard, rough-and-ready American rock & roll in the British catalog. Freddie & the Dreamers didn't really play that way, either, and weren't part of the real British rock & roll boom, although they did get caught up in it -- rather, they were entertainers who happened to play rock & roll instruments (with more enthusiasm than flair or style), really shooting more for the kind of image that Cliff Richard & the Shadows had in their movies, but not as able musically as the Shadows. Their novelty songs (a major part of their work and image) on this album are dull and even embarrassing, and their versions of Motown, Little Richard, Leiber & Stoller, and Roy Orbison songs are predictable and cold, although they do have a raw, unproduced sound vaguely akin to the sound that the Beatles popularized. "If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody" was their first major chart single, and one number, "Sally Anne," was featured in the film What a Crazy World (starring the far more talented Joe Brown), but it's all a bit flat in the wake of the competition that followed. The 1999 CD reissue contains the mono and stereo mixes, 28 tracks in all, but there's not enough interesting musicianship to make the considerable detail revealed in the stereo mixes worthwhile, and they aren't good enough players to generate much excitement on the heavier, punchier mono tracks. In the CD's defense, the sound on both sets of tracks is very crisp, and it does reveal a lighter, more ephemeral (but very profitable) side to the British beat boom of the early '60s. And it is fun.

01 - If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
02 - Some Other Guy
03 - Somebody Else's Girl
04 - Yes I Do
05 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
06 - Drink This Up It Will Make You Sleep
07 - I Understand (vers.1)
08 - Sally Anne
09 - I'm A Hog For You
10 - The Wedding
11 - Money
12 - Crying
13 - He Got What He Wanted
14 - Kansas City 
15 - Feel So Blue (Sg-b )
16 - I'm Telling You Now (Sg-a)
17 - What Have I Done To You (Sg-b)
18 - The Viper (ep uk)
19 - You Were Made For Me (Sg-a)
20 - Send A Letter To Me (Sg-b)
21 - Over You (Sg-a)
22 - Come Back When You're Ready (Sg-b)
23 - I Love You Baby (Sg-a)
24 - Don't Make Me Cry (Sg-b)
25 - Just For You (Sg-a)
26 - Don't Do That To Me (Sg-b)
27 - I Just Don't Understand (ep uk)
28 - I Understand (Sg-a) (vers.2)
29 - I Will (Sg-b)
30 - She Belongs To You (ep uk)
31 - Little Bitty Pretty One (ep uk)
32 - In My Baby's Arms (ep uk)
33 - Silly Girl (ep uk)
34 - I'm Telling You Now (Ed Sullivan Show)
35 - Things Go Better with Coke

Freddie & The Dreamers -  You Where Made For Me (1964)

by Richie Unterberger
Freddie & the Dreamers' second U.K. LP, in the British Invasion tradition, was not issued as-was in the U.S., its tracks subsequently scattered across numerous American releases. Nor did it feature any hit singles; though at a glance you might think the album's title is "You Were Made for Me," one of their biggest hits on both sides of the Atlantic, it's actually "You Were Mad for Me," and doesn't include the actual track called "You Were Made for Me." Nor does it contain any original material, instead being split between oldies covers and efforts by writers from the British equivalent of Tin Pan Alley and the Brill Building like Peter Stirling, Geoff Stephens, John Carter, and Ken Lewis. Now, while no one would make great claims for Freddie & the Dreamers as top talents of the British Invasion, they did make some fun tracks, especially on their singles. But even in the context of their modest achievements, this disc amounts to something like an entire LP of filler, none of the songs measuring up to their best. The oldies covers are uniformly mediocre, and though the recently penned compositions by other British songwriters included a couple that other U.K. groups had made into hits into early 1964 ("I Think of You" and "Tell Me When," popularized by the Merseybeats and the Applejacks respectively), they're emblematic of the British Invasion at its most lightweight and sappy. You do have the novelty of a lead vocal by someone other than Freddie Garrity when bassist Pete Birrell takes over for "Cut Across Shorty." But really, this LP isn't worth trifling with by any but the most completist of British Invasion collectors.

01 - Jailer Bring Me Water
02 - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
03 - Tell Me When
04 - Cut Across Shorty
05 - I'll Never Dance Again
06 - What'd I Say
07 - See You Later Alligator
08 - Early In The Morning
09 - I Think Of You
10 - Only You
11 - Johnny B. Goode
12 - I Don't Love You Anymore
13 - Say It Isn't True
14 - Write Me A Letter
15 - A Little You (Sg-a)
16 - Things I'd Like To Say (Sg-b)
17 - What's Cooking lp Seaside us
18 - Do The Freddie (ep uk)
19 - A Love Like You (ep uk)
20 - I Wonder Who The Lucky Guy Will Be (ep uk)
21 - A Windmill In Old Amsterdam (ep uk)
22 - Thou Shalt Not Steal (Sg-a)
23 - I Don't Know (Sg-b)
24 - Shorts Shorts (lp us)
25 - Camptown Races (lp us)
26 - How's About Trying Your Luck With Me (lp us)
27 - Lonely Boy (lp us)
28 - Don't Tell Me That (lp us)
29 - I Feel In Love With Your Picture (lp us)
30 - If You've Got A Minute, Baby (sg-a)
31 - When I'm Home With You (sg-b)
32 - Radio Spot #1
33 - Radio Spot #2

Freddie & The Dreamers -  In Disneyland (1966)

by Richie Unterberger
Issued in the U.K. only in late 1966, Freddie & the Dreamers In Disneyland is not a live album, but something rather less enticing: an entire LP of covers of songs associated with Walt Disney films. That's right: a whole platter of tunes the likes of "When You Wish Upon a Star," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," "Whistle While You Work," "Chim Chim Cheree," "Hi Ho," and "The Siamese Cat Song." With orchestral arrangements by Johnny Scott that are pretty typical of those applied to scores in children's films, the participation of the Dreamers seems light at most, if they were even involved in the recording at all. True, Freddie Garrity was probably more suited to moving into children's music than any other British Invasion performer due both to his clownish on-stage persona and vaudeville-ish vocals, and he does a decent job with the singing here. But it's very unlikely that the average rock fan -- even the overwhelming majority of Freddie & the Dreamers fans -- would be interested in this expectedly cutesy album in the least, boasting as it does nary a shred of rock & roll. Justifiably, none of its tracks are ever selected for Freddie & the Dreamers compilations, and it can be dismissed as a novelty item that might possibly not even be of any interest to completists.

01 - Playboy (sg-a)
02 - Some Day (sg-b)
03 - Turn Around (sg-a)
04 - Funny Over You (sg-b) stereo
05 - The Ugly Bug Ball
06 - When You Wish Upon A Star
07 - When I See An Elephant Fly
08 - Winnie The Pooh
09 - Chim Chim Cheree
10 - Heigh Ho
11 - The Unbirthday Song
12 - The Siamese Cat Song
13 - Whistle While You Work
14  - Give A Little Whistle
15 - The Ballad Of Dick Turpin
16 - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
17 - Hello Hello (sg-a)
18 - All I Ever Want Is You (sg-b)
19 - Brown And Porters ( Meat Exporters) Lorry (sg-a)
20 - Little Brown Eyes (sg-b)
21 - Little Red Donkey
22 - Little Big Time
23 - You Belong To Me (Freddie Garrity)
24  - It's Great (sg-a)
25 - Gabardine Mac (sg-b)
26 - Get Around Downtown Girl (sg-a)
27 - What To Do (sg-b)

Freddie & The Dreamers - 
King Freddie And His Dreaming Knights (1967)

01 I Fell In Love With Your Picture
02 The Doll House Is Empty
03  Picture Of You
04 The 59th Street Bridge Song
05  So Many Different Ways
06  Children
07  The Night Is Over
08  There's Got To Be A Word
09  Juanita Banana
10  Sing C'est La Vie
11  Don't Tell Me That
12  Is It Love?
13  You've Got Me Going
14  Look For The Rainbow

Sing-Along Party
15  Medley: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / Over You / I'm Telling You Now
16  Medley: You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby / I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now / She Was A Lass From Lancashire
17  Medley: For Me And My Gal / She's Sorry Now
18  Medley: California Here I Come / I Only Have Eyes For You / I'm Just Wild About Harry
19  Medley: You Were Made For Me / Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me / I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
20  Medley: Whispering / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon / When You're Smiling
21  Medley: For You / I'll Be Your Sweetheart / If You Were The Only Girl
22  Medley: Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me / Rockabye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody / Ain't We Got Fun

Freddie & The Dreamers - Re-Recordings  (2003)

01 - If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
02 - I'm Telling You Now
03 - You Were Made For Me
04 - I Understand
05 - Great Balls Of Fire
06 - Neki Hokey
07 - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
08 - Let's Twist Again
09 - That'll Be The Day / Peggy Sue / It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Oh Boy
10 - Let's Go To San Francisco
11 - Clap Clap Song
12 - I'll Never Get Over You
13 - From Me To You
14 - Twist And Shout
15 - Short Shorts
16 - Lets Twist Again
17 - I Want To Be Your Man
18 - Keep On Running


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