Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wailers - Tall Cool One (also The Wailers And Company) 1964

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Here's a reissue of the Wailers' Imperial album from the early '60s, after the original version of "Tall Cool One" on Golden Crest had charted once again. Frustrated with their deal with the New York label, the group went into the studio, recut their hit, and packaged it with a brace of loose instrumental workouts and a trio of vocals. One of those vocals is the original Northwest cut of "Louie Louie," featuring an inspired vocal by the legendary Rockin' Robin Roberts, being the version that inspired the Kingsmen and launched a million frat bands worldwide. Another chapter in the history of this very important and influential Northwest rock & roll band.
01 - Tall Cool One
02 - Seattle
03 - Hokey
04 - Louie Louie
05 - Doin' The Seaside
06 - We're Going Surfin'
07 - Frenzy
08 - Shakedown
09 - Party Time U.S.A.
10 - Tough Walk
11 - Isabella
12 - Mashi

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