Saturday, May 21, 2011

Georgie Fame - Mod Classics 1964-1966

This is the first compilation of Georgie Fame's Columbia recordings since 1979's Beat Classics and is designed to complement that seminal work. While that went for the hits and the singles, Mod Classics goes for the dance-floor appeal of 24 tracks that mix jazz, rhythm and blues and soul. Many of the tracks on our CD have only been available in Japan since their original releases were deleted in the late 60s.
Georgie and his group, the Blue Flames, were the hippest outfit in mid-60s London. Their residency at Soho's Flamingo Club was a fixture for mods and American GIs, who danced all night to the sounds of black America and Georgie's interpretations of it. Georgie covered the hippest jazz cuts, the most obscure soul from Stax, Motown and Okeh and would also show his love of rhythm and blues with his take on numbers by Ray Charles and Sam Cooke.

Cuts such as El Bandido, Last Night, Sweet Thing and Outrage are seminal mod club classics, while his album Sound Venture showed Georgie to be the hippest cat in town with a band featuring Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott and many of the hottest names of British jazz. The cut Dawn Yawn, from that album, written by Georgie, is a masterpiece describing a trawl through Soho clubs and the melancholia of an early morning trip home.

This compilation shows that there was more to Georgie Fame than the hits of Yeh, Yeh! and Getaway this is the Georgie of the Flamingo All-Nighter, a man worshiped by the mods.

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