Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Wild Oats - EP OAK

There are no re-release of this ep, only a few original ep's survivors.

 Today a pristine copy of the EP, complete with original sleeve, is valued by Record Collector magazine at a cool Ј500.

For the first time on the internet, only exclusive here on WingsOfDream

The Wild Oats - Ep  OAK RECORDS RGJ 117

 Original sleeve notes: 

This record explains in four exciting lessons the fantastic popularity of the Wild Oats and why they will be around for a long time to come. On side one, lead singer Willie offers Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover, an old Bo Diddley number highlighted by the solo of 19-year-old lead guitarist Trev Roland. On Walkin' The Dog, a recently revived Rufus Thomas number, the earthy feel of 20-year-old Willie comes across with devastating effect. Trev does some accomplished vocal harmony work on this track.
Vocalist Carl Harrison, 21, is featured on side two with a throbbing version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, a number originally recorded by the Shirelles. Trev is also responsible for the vocal harmonies on this track, and the competence of rhythm guitarist Robin Hare, aged 19, is well illustrated. He produces from his single guitar a full, mellow sound. With Pitt The Blame On Me, an early Elvis number, Carl demonstrates the versatility of the Oats; 23-year-old "Stykx" Scarlett, drums, syncopates the middle eight heavily, producing almost a blue beat effect. Probably the least noticeable-he stands completely immovable on stage- but absolutely indispensable is bass guitarist Rod Goldsmith, 21, whose masterly handling. of the Oats' bass line alone makes this disc worth a spin.
So here are four aspects of the Wild Oats-four great standards-- de¬livered in a unique style by six young men with a glowing future and a fantastic feel for the blues that only a country background could possibly produce.

Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover 
Walkin' The Dog

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 
Put The Blame On Me

Willie: vocals
Carl Harrison: vocals 
Trev Roland: lead guitar 
Robin Hare: rhythm 
Rod Goldsmith: bass 
"Stykx" Scarlett: drums
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